JavaScript: What Is This Wonderful Language Used For?

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JavaScript is the most used programming language on the planet. There are many polls, including Stack Overflow’s, that indicate this fact. Interesting with these poll results is that they are even more likely to investigate concerns regarding JavaScript for developers whose major duty is the back-end (server-side code) than any other language. 

This is mostly because JavaScript is unavoidable. Ask any of the boot campers, Java or .NET, and they will tell you, they need to reach a basic degree of JavaScript competence in their final projects. In the professional world, this is also true. Any team that has no dedicated developers at the front end has to do it.

JavaScript is the most basic need of today’s growing businesses where almost everything is getting transited to an online presence. Businesses prefer doing everything online and saving resources rather than hiring a dedicated employee and wasting resources overtraining them. So, we could say from the trends that the demand for JavaScript is only going to increase over the years to come.

But have you ever wondered what is JavaScript used for today, and what can JavaScript do? If you are clueless about the importance of JavaScript in your online business, then we have your back. Today we will tell you what is JavaScript used for? We will also tell you what can you do with JavaScript so that you could make its optimal use in your business!

A Beginner’s Definition Of JavaScript?

JavaScript is a text-based programming language that allows you to interactive web pages on both the client side and the server side. JavaScript provides websites with interactive features that involve a user where HTML and CSS languages provide structure and design to online pages. 

The search box on Amazon, a news recap integrated in New York Times, or refresh your Twitter feed are common instances for JavaScript that you may utilize every day. The integration of JavaScript enhances the website’s user experience by transforming it from an interactive to a static page. JavaScript provides compliance to web pages to summarise. to recap.

But What Is JavaScript Used For On A Computer?

The fundamental JavaScript language on the client-side consists of several standard programming functions to perform things like: 

  • Store in variables useful values. For example, in the preceding example, a new name is asked to be provided, and that it is stored in a variable named the name.
  • Text parts operations (known as “strings” in programming). In this instance, we take the string “Player 1:” to generate the full label, e.g. “Player 1: Chris,’ and add it to the name variable
  • Run code in reaction to particular web page events. In our preceding example, we utilized a click event to detect the click of the button and then to start the code updating the label.

However, the functionality implemented on the JavaScript client-side is much more fascinating. You have more superpowers in your JavaScript code to utilize with the termed Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). APIs are ready-made block sets for the development of applications that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to implement.

It is much easier to put ready-cut panels together to produce a bookshelf than it is to design yourself; go and find the correct wood, cut the panels into the right size and shape; find the correct-sized screws and then put them together to make a bookshelf. You are doing the same thing for the design of your home building with ready-cut mobilization kits.

They are usually divided into two groups:

  • Browser APIs: Browser APIs are developed and may disclose data or conduct helpful, sophisticated activities from the surrounding computer environment. For instance:
  1. DOM
  2. API Geolocation
  3. APIs for audio and video
  4. Canvas
  • Third-Party APIs: APIs from third parties are by default not included in your browser, and you usually need to record their code and information from anywhere on the web. For instance:
  1. API for Twitter
  2. The Maps API from Google

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What Is JavaScript Used For In Web Development?

You must be wondering what is JavaScript used for in web design and development. In the following section to come, you will understand the importance of JavaScript on your webpage.

JavaScript is a language that is more complex than HTML or CSS, and only in 1995 was beta published. JavaScript currently supports every modern web browser and is utilized for more sophisticated and complicated features on nearly every site on the Web. Briefly, JavaScript is an interactive web-developer programmatic language. 

JavaScript Used For In Web Development

JavaScript, which increases default controls and behavior on your browser, gives you most of the dynamic behaviors you see on a webpage.

  • Creating Confirmation Boxes

A JavaScript example in action is boxed appearing on your screen. Think about your final information entry and a confirmation box appearing on the Webform and you are requested to click “OK” or “Cancel.” This was done because of JavaScript — in your code, you’ve been told to do “if-else” something when you click “OK,” and something else when the user hits “Cancel.” This is not feasible.

  • Triggering Slide-In CTAs

The Call-to-Action Diagram (CTA) as we place it in our blog articles is a further example of the JavaScript in action that is found on the bottom right of your screen when the sidebar is scrolled.

  • Storing New Information

JavaScript is especially beneficial in the assignment of new IDs to existing elements of the website, depending on the user’s decisions on the page. Let’s assume, for instance, that you develop a landing page with a form, from which you want to create information about a visitor.

You may have a JavaScript string devoted to the initial name of your user. Something like this may look:

FirstName() function update {

Let first name = prompt(‘Preliminary Name’);


This action modifies the identification of the element of the initial undefined “first name” in your Code once the website user has entered his or her first name and any other information you request on the landing page and submits the form. The initial name of the website visitor is assigned in the JavaScript string above and is thus produced on the frontline of the website by its actual name.

  • For Security, Games, And Special Effects

Other JavaScript applications include the establishment of security passwords, check forms and interactive games, animations, and special effects. It is also used for building mobile apps and creating server apps. By inserting “scripts” or JavaScript snippets into your document header or body, you may incorporate JavaScript into an HTML document.

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What Is JavaScript Used For? Top 10 Things To Build With JavaScript

These are the top 10 things that you could build with JavaScript without any hassle:

  • Websites

All right, so it is rather apparent that you may file this one. In 1995 Brendan Eich Weg developed JavaScript to add interaction and behavior to static sites. For that, it’s still utilized. It’s simple. JavaScript is operating on some level on any remotely contemporary website.

  • Web Applications

The continuing improvements made by browsers and personal computers also enable sophisticated web apps to be created. Think about Google Maps apps. All you need to do is click and drag your mouse if you want to explore the map on Google Maps. You may see a less detailed portion of the map that fills up. That’s behind-the-scenes JavaScript at work.

  • Presentations

The creation of presentations like websites is highly common in JavaScript. Who needs the keynote or PowerPoint? If you are already familiar with HTML and CSS, using the RevealJS library is straightforward. You can still utilize, which uses RevealJS to create a web-based slide deck for you when you are not aware of these technologies.

  • Server Applications

JavaScript went from the browser and into the server with the debut of NodeJS a few years ago. Node has now been embraced as a major component of its back-end architecture by several big corporations, such as Wal-Mart.

  • Web Servers

While the server apps are the subject. Did you saw Node’s application Hello World? Building a web server in under 10 lines of code is trivial. Of course, using the expressJS standard application framework, you may construct far more robust servers. Many of the above applications that use Node are developed with the MEAN stack (Mongo, Express, Angular, Node), which is the most important part of the express.

  • Games

Although in the past the browser was not a typical playing platform, now it was turned into a solid game venue. Moreover, the degree of intricacy available in browser-based games was raised tremendously with the advent of the HTML5 canvas (more on that in one second). You can even teach you how to create browser games!

  • Art

The canvas element that allows the browser to make 3-dimensional forms is one of the new capabilities in the HTML5 specification. This opened up the browser for digital art endeavors as a new medium.

  • Smartwatch Apps

Pebble has built a popular smartwatch maker that enables a developer to construct a Pebble.js application in JavaScript for the Pebble range of watches. But Pebbles is part of the market share, which is rather tiny. What about iOS or Android development.

  • Mobile Apps

One of the most powerful things to accomplish with JavaScript is to develop non-web apps. This is a great way to convey that you can create applications for things that are not the internet. Mobile devices, for example, are currently the most common means of internet access. 

This means that all your sites should respond to each other. In addition, it indicates that a product such as a web property for digital products is vital to mobile apps. Mobile applications are available in two main tastes, Apple and Android. And both applications are written in two very different languages.

That means that you need to design and support a product for mobile devices and online three times as many developers. The good news here is that for all three platforms a “Write it Once” solution is feasible. Phonegap is one of this space’s oldest and most established frameworks. 

In recent years React Native has been the main participant in the cross-platform area and shows great promise. Long history: You may create mobile applications for their respective app shops using JavaScript that can be deployed and downloaded. The following is a list of React Native applications.

  • Flying Robots

That right, you read. Many commercially available quadcopters include a basic OS, which enables NodeJS to be installed. You can use JavaScript to program a flying robot.

As is likely to be quite obvious, the law of Atwood still rings true, but not badly. 

The programming language JavaScript is the most accessible in the world. It is therefore nice to see that a wide range of projects may be created.

These were the JavaScript applications.

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So you’re going there, your first step into the JavaScript realm. We’ve simply begun with theory to get you acclimated to what type of things you could accomplish with JavaScript. 

Now you know the importance of JavaScript in your growing business. In this article, we discussed what is JavaScript and what is it used for. We hope you implement JavaScript in your projects and succeed in your business.

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