Skyrim Console Commands and Cheats (Updated Guide)

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Skyrim is one of the most talked-about names in the history of gaming. Gamers have grown up by playing this magnificent game and got a lot of memories attached to it. The absolute reasons for Skyrim being so popular are its immersive long play hours and soothing soundtracks. While many gamers brisk their way as the mission progresses, many players fail to complete the tedious missions. For them, Skyrim console commands help them in progress.

If you are unaware of Skyrim, then you might be missing out on a lot of fervorous gaming experiences from your life. You might open Youtube and see the gameplay of Skyrim and it might look like a daunting experience for your fingers; quickly shifting and jumping from one key to another key on your controller (Keyboard & mouse, if you’re a PC gamer). But this daunting experience is worth it. If you want to cut down the slack of missions, then you must use Skyrim console commands.

Going forward in this article, we will be giving a brief overview of Skyrim (if you are a beginner), and the Skyrim console commands to help you pass through even the most difficult missions. We are encapsulating these details because we know that starting Skyrim is never too late for your gaming experience.

Skyrim Overview

Skyrim is a game set in Tamriel’s fictional world. The world’s time and technology is a combination of the Vikings and the Medieval. Published by Bethesda, it is the fifth installment of the Elder Scrolls. You play as a Dragon Born fluent in dragon language. You play as a Dowahkiin. The key line of research is the exploration of the powers of your voice. You should yell in your dragon language and show it in your speech. For starters, one of the most famous shouts of the game and the subject of many memoirs, Fus Ro Dah, which is a constant force. This cry expels the voice’s vitality into a massive wave that throws everyone out.

You will also enter several alliances including the “Thieves” Guild, The Dark Brothers, and The Companions at a host of later quests. The civil war between the Stormcloak and the Imperials, not to mention. So don’t let’s go over it. It’s the funniest game you’ve ever played and you can pick it up and play it at any time. If you believe like this vast and wondrous video game hasn’t covered the whole breadth of it, then use the Skyrim special edition console commands. Leaving this game in midway won’t bring any justice to its spectacular and dramatic gameplay.

What Are Skyrim Console Commands?

Skyrim console commands are a debug tool for PC players that adds a variety of features to the game. The tilde key (~) will turn the console screen on American English keyboards, but the serious key (‘) will be on British English keyboards. The key of a tilde is also a gravestone sign on the American English keyboards. 

The key is under Escape (Esc) and the one (1) key is on the left side. The Page Up and Page Down keys will navigate the output from commands which exceed the window region of the console. Using the up arrow and down arrow keys to access a BASH-like command past.

Console commands Skyrim se helps the beginners in making the missions way simpler and more interactive. There are many Skyrim console commands level up for enthralling your way towards the completion of the game.

How To Use Skyrim Console Commands?

Like many other PC games, it’s just a case of pressing Tilde (~) to open the console for the developer, and then typing it in the proper format into the Skyrim special edition console commands. You can insert several codes to store various effects, and then press tilde again, and get the bad rewards you have provided. If otherwise mentioned, it should be switched off again when entering the same code a second time.

That may sound evident, but it should be reiterated that some of those codes will cause collapse, interrupt continuous storylines and fully crash your game, particularly in combination with others. Before you start to mess around, ensure you are saving backup and keep it separate. Otherwise, you will discover out you have broken your progress forever, and nobody wants to handle this in a Skyrim size game. Also, as soon as you begin entering Skyrim skill console commands, awards will be removed, so sadly you won’t be able to hack your way into the dilemma.

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List Of Skyrim Console Commands For PC

  •  Toggle Immortal Mode (TIM)

Entering Toggle Immortal Mode as Skyrim skill console commands helps your character in becoming an immortal. Don’t worry if your player still takes damages. Your character will take damages but it wouldn’t die.

  • Toggle God Mode (TGM)

Entering Toggle God Mode as Skyrim console commands level up will help your character to become a God. So, enjoy the affinity of becoming a God with unlimited health, magic potions, and stamina. You won’t have to use Skyrim console commands carry weight after using TGM because it won’t allow your character to get affected by carry weight.

  • Kill Target (Kill)

This one of that fun and slick Skyrim SE console commands that helps to kill your enemies instantly without working on regular NPCs.

Skyrim Console Commands For Money

  • Player .additem 00000f 100

This one is a Skyrim console commands gold. Using this Skyrim console command skills, you can add gold to your inventory. You can also change the number of gold from 100 to the desired amount that you need.

Skyrim Console Command Items For NPC

  • Resurrect

By using this Skyrim console command perks, you can make any NPC returns to life. For all things intact, <1> resurrects them. The body is removed without the use of a number and a new NPC copy is created.

  • Empty Inventory

Deletes all things from the inventory of the target. To move all items to your store, add <player>.

  • Add Item

Add an object to the inventory of the target and is one of the most useful Skyrim PC console commands.

Console Commands Skyrim SE For Toggle

  • Toggle Run Mode (rm)

Switches quickly between run and walk modes.

  • Toggle Grass (tg)

This is one of the Skyrim quest console commands that turns grass on and off.

  • Toggle Trees (tt)

Renders between graphics with trees and without trees.

  • Toggle Water Display (tws)

Switches between water display and no water display (doesn’t work underwater).

  • Toggle Framework Border (twf)

Toggles between framework border.

  • Toggle Skybox (ts)

Toggle skybox is one of the most useful Skyrim console command skills that switches on and off the fog effects.

  • Toggle Map Regions (tfow)

Choose whether to turn unexplored areas off or on.

  • Toggle Level Of Detail (TLL)

Use this Skyrim console command to toggle between the settings of the level of details.

  • Toggle Player Control (tc)

Enables and disables NPC access. To use the instruction, look for an NPC and type it. The NPC is now controlled and both the character and the NPC are controlled at the same time.

  • Toggle Map Markers (tmm <#>)

 Turns on and off map markers. <0> all disables, <1> all unlocks, <1,0.1> all screens, no fast journey.

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Skyrim Console Commands Items

  • Equip Item

Forces aim to match an object in the inventory. Choose the guy you are using as you delete <left/right>.

  • Equip Spell

Forces a spell equipment goal. Spells cannot be obtained by order, so they must be known to the target already.

  • Unequip Item

Forces the goal to dismantle the thing it uses.

  • Make An NPC Mortal/Immortal

Fixes the target mortality. Use <0> in case of death, or <1> in case of immortality.

  • Disappear The Target

Allows an objective to vanish. The goal is still loaded but not apparent in the cell.

  • Re-appear The Target

Reappears a handicapped goal.

  • Delete The Target

Removes a targeted object continuously. This destroys the objective instead of merely disappearing it.

  • Set Position

Sets the target’s place value. Substitution of <axis> with the necessary axis values of x,y,z. This is helpful for accurately positioning objects.

  • Return Angle

Returns the target’s rotary axis. Substitution of <axis> with the necessary axis values of x,y,z. This is helpful for accurately positioning objects.

  • Set Angle

Ten. Sets the target’s rotary axis. Substitution of <axis> with the necessary axis values of x,y,z. This is helpful for accurately positioning objects. This is one of the best Skyrim console command items.

Skyrim Quest Console Commands

  • Get Current Stage (GetStage<QuestID>)

Gets the current quest stage.

  • Display Quest Stages (player.sqs<quest id>)

Analyses and shows you the stages of the quest.

  • Set Quest Stage Completed/Uncompleted

Tag stages either as completed or uncompleted.

  • Move To Target (movetoqt <QuestID>)

Moves you to the target of the quest.

  • Shows All Current Quests (showquesttargets)

This is one of the best Skyrim console commands perks that show all current quest IDs.

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Skyrim PC Console Commands For Players

  • Unlock Shout

Dragon shout is unlocked for use by the player.

  • Add Shout

Adds a dragon shout in the player’s list after getting unlocked.

  • Set Race

This helps you to be a race that is not possible to build a character like a dragon by using DragonRace as a raceID. A little twist on the Shift Race.

  • Set Free-Flying Camera Speed

Sets the free flight sensor velocity. The default configuration setting is twice as fast as setting 0.5 is half as fast.

  • Activate Both 1st and 3rd Person Views

In the third-person perspective, the weapons of the character will also exist behind the character of the player so that you can concurrently be both first and third people. You’re an insane guy, and you’re. This is among the greatest and most useful Skyrim SE console commands.

Other Skyrim Console Commands

  • Add NPC To Faction

Adds to a feature a chosen NPC. By substituting #, a 1-4 rank may be given.

  • Remove NPC From Faction

Removes from a Faction the chosen NPC.

  • Set Follower Count

Let the player’s number of followers. Setting to 0 clears and helps you to hire all backers.

  • Set NPC As Reference

Sets the NPC as the reference and all the other commands may be used. Useful when the NPC is not available, for example in crashing quests.

  • Show All Commands And Descriptions

Displays all item IDs and explanations for the objects sought. In the quest for “orcish armor,” for example, all things are seen with the name ‘orcish armor.’ # sets quest cap of 0 without limits and 4 with exact match criteria.

Wrapping Up With Skyrim Console Commands Soul Gems

So first of all, you have to realize that Skyrim is not your usual RPG game in which you have to pursue the hunt as soon as you start playing. That’s entirely up to you, Skyrim won’t tell you what to do. These console commands will always guide you in your journey of exploring Skyrim.


Does Skyrim have console commands?

Yes, Skyrim have console commands.

Can I use console commands on Xbox One Skyrim?

Xbox players can experience Console Commands in Skyrim with a clever mod. It works a bit differently than just typing in commands, as that would be rather tedious with a controller, but rather the creator of the Mod has made an intuitive menu from which to pick commands.

What is the console command to get all perks in Skyrim?

Put the text file in your skyrim folder then in game you can open the console and type “bat GIMMEMYGODDAMNPERKPOINTS” and it will run through every command in the file.

Can you use console commands on Skyrim PS4?

On Windows, you can use the console, but that isn’t possible for the PS4. As fja3omega mentioned in a comment, your best bet is probably to use fast travel to move somewhere else. You could also try to run/jump sideways along the rocks and get to somewhere more convenient.

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