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We all know how beautiful it feels to watch movies or shows with family or friends. Discussing a film with others is a fantastic experience; together, you yell, laugh, and foresee the spoilers. Watching a movie is a beautiful experience. All this helps and makes us happy. There are many platforms and websites where users could stream their favorite movies and enjoy them with their loved ones; one such platform was and Rabbit alternatives.

Rabbit streaming has allowed users to view, stream, and share videos with other users. In chat rooms, they could also speak to each other. However, Rabbit streaming service was shut down last May because of the decision to close its investors. The online entertainment suddenly seemed lost and started searching for Rabbit alternatives. Because of Rabbit’s onset in the entertainment profile, many other platforms started giving alternatives to Rabbit.

Best Alternatives To Rabbit Streaming

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So, are you annoyed by Rabbit’s shutdown? Are you missing your friends and family watching your favorite films? Are you searching for Rabbit alternatives? If so, then we have handpicked and curated the following 25 best alternatives to Rabbit that would make you stop missing Rabbit streaming and make your cinephilic experience more delightful:

1. Netflix Party: Powering Up The List Of Rabbit Alternatives

‘Powering up the list of Rabbit alternatives’? You must be asking how. We all love the binge concept of “Netflix & chill.” Netflix has a wide and varied range of movies, TV shows, and web series, making dating nights super fun. But what are you doing if your date is too late? Switch on the party of Netflix! It is the best platform to co-see Netflix-only shows and films. 

You only have access to the Netflix library on this website. However, you have plenty of content to enjoy, given the massiveness and the speeds at which the library is updated on this platform. When communicating with your partner using the group chat option, you can enjoy synchronized video playback and watch real-time content! Netflix Party is one of the best Rabbit streaming alternatives because of its content varying in every region and language. 

rabbit alternatives

2. SyncLounge: A Classy Option In The List Of Alternatives To Rabbit Streaming

During the lockout, we all are sitting idle at home and we all have canceled our plan for movies many times in these months. In these cases, don’t worry! You can co-view the content available in Plex with synchronized media using SyncLounge. But this task Rabbit alternatives is just for Plex users.

You just have to connect the library on Plex with this co-watch app and enjoy a virtual watch party in your own private space with your best friend. The high quality of the synchronized playback is because it does not rely on the Plex server. It uses its server instead and allows you, during your contact, to exchange data with a variety of partners.

rabbit alternatives

3. One Of The Finest Rabbit TV Alternatives is also a website that can serve as one of the best Rabbit TV alternatives. If you are searching for a synchronizing content channel for your favorites, this is a good place to do this. It enables seamless playback of videos, from Youtube to Vimeo to Dailymotion, from various content streaming websites. 

Once you start playing a site video, your members can simultaneously view the videos through synced playback in your virtual “room.” Alternatively, you can share URLs from numerous video pages to view videos together. The chat feature will allow you to communicate with your other watch party members.

alternatives to rabbit

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4. Twoseven: One Of The Most Classy Alternatives For Rabbit

Did your family members skip your Friday-night cinema time? Often it can be an awful feeling to be far from the family – but thanks to a forum like Twoseven, you don’t even need to skip moments of harmony. It is a co-video platform for the playback of synchronized video material with members of your family. 

The website’s interaction is special. It encourages the use of webcams, and with this functionality, you can post live reactions. The Website seeks the best video viewing experiences without latency in real-time. It is compatible with top OTT channels like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, YouTube, etc. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best Rabbit website alternatives.

Rabbit Alternatives

5. ShareTube: Simplest Alternative To Rabbit Streaming

YouTube is a popular streamed video website we often consider to be obvious, right? But who does not enjoy watching adorable animal videos or discovering new Gordon Ramsay recipes – and sharing them with others? YouTube has great documentaries, videos, and more. This is your opportunity to stream YouTube videos with ShareTube. 

It is an easy service provider that enables you to play videos synchronized with other people and enjoy watching them together. Just like most of the other portals, you have to create a ‘space’ and share the YouTube URL so that everyone can see synchronized content. It also provides an interactive group chat option! ShareTube is available on mobile phones, making it one of the best Rabbit alternatives mobile.

Rabbit Alternatives

6. Watch2gether: One Of The Most Premium Rabbit Alternatives

Watch2gether is one of the common an alternatives where you can share your favorite person’s videos and listen to music. Not all that; with the aid of this website, you can also shop on Amazon together! It provides a luxury synchronization feature that will not result in delays when films or shows are streamed. 

Notice that you have to select the video option with the highest upload speed while watching shows on Watch2gether. This guarantees the best experience for you and your co-watchers when watching films and concerts together. The chat feature on this site helps you to connect with others too, making it one of the best alternatives.

Rabbit Alternatives

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7. TogetherTube: One Of The Most Defined Alternatives

One of the most popular alternatives to Rabbit, TogetherTube is a platform that allows you to host a watch party. With this site, you can sync videos from YouTube, SoundCloud, Video, and DailyMotion with your video-watching partner. So, you can come together to watch the newly released trailer – or just the new video of your favorite YouTuber.

As one of the best sites like Rabbit Alternatives, TogetherTube will give you the chance to create a private chat room, just like other sites in this genre. Here, you can enjoy communicating with the person with whom you’re enjoying the co-viewing experience. In this chat room, you can add videos to your shared playlist. Members can vote to select the new video.

Rabbit Alternatives

8. Airtime: Websites Like Rabbit

Wondering how you would share an experience of watching material with your family and friends while you are physically distant? Rabbit’s closure in 2019 has made it very difficult for people who enjoyed this co-watching location. But don’t worry, Airtime is here as a substitute for sites like Rabbit

With Airtime, you can watch YouTube videos and listen to music while talking with friends and family. Simultaneous media playback is not allowed on the web at all. Audio comments can also be made. Also, up to 10 people can be added to a full family experience in a single chat room, making it one of the best websites like Rabbit.

rabbit streaming alternatives

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9. Metastream: Streaming Sites Like Rabbit

Metastream is one of the few channels to select from for the shared streaming of video content and a wireless watch party. It provides superior live sync replication of quality. The portal has developed its proprietary technology to improve the quality of live streaming by multiple viewers. 

Moreover, in addition to controlling users, you can also enjoy chatting on screen and video queueing. The platform supports all popular streaming sites such as YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. but the platform does not support webcams or audio support for downloaded files. It’s perfect for watch parties, besides this.

rabbit streaming alternatives

10. Rave: A Classy Alternative Of Rabbit Streaming Service

Rave could be an excellent option if you’re searching for Rabbit streaming alternatives. You can use your mobile to access Rave and experience great performance. It helps you to watch Netflix concurrently and connect with another person. You can also display content from Vimeo, DailyMotion, Google Drive, etc. 

The synchronized replay quality is very good, and it works without problems. The website supports the video chat option, but the video content is not working when it is played. Rave’s thrilling feature is that music and smartphones can be played together. In all, the shared content viewing on mobile devices is a solid option.

rabbit streaming alternatives

11. Invited: An Elegant Alternative To Rabbit Video Sharing

You want a platform for a watch group, which you can enjoy with your virtual friend? Netflix, Crunchyroll, Crave, etc. are great streaming websites like Rabbit. You can play on invited any site that is playable in a standard browser. It provides high-quality video and audio for an outstanding experience during your shared video replication.

The site helps you to create a common room to watch sync videos together with your guest. It enables the browser to be managed by all room members and surf the web. The monthly and annual subscription fee is eligible, but it’s optional. You can also bypass the wait for a space for maximum hours if you pay a subscription fee. Invited is surely worth a shot if you are looking for Rabbit alternatives alternatives

12. Syncplay: Top-Notch Alternative To Rabbit Movie Sharing

Stuck at home and bored? It is time for your friends to participate in a virtual watching party and enjoy watching video content that Syncplay. You can join you from your respective places and you can watch content downloaded together. Both media players such as VLC and MPV can be supported. 

All users are in the Syncplay room, where the portal transmits the playback to your device to display the same contents. However, through this platform, you can’t talk or communicate. But it is an excellent forum if you have a community of friends who take movies without interruptions seriously, making it a serious contender in the list of Rabbit movie watching alternatives. alternatives

13. Parsec: One Of The Most Exclusive Rabbit Alternatives

It’s cool to watch movies and online series with friends or family; but did you think how much fun streaming games would be? Parsec allows you to do both, making it one of the best Rabbit streaming alternatives!  Although the web is not mainly configured for streaming video content, and other members cannot track playback, it remains a great forum for high-end synchronization. 

If you can overlook the one-way access, it is a great option to display and stream games synchronously. You can invite family and friends into the virtual room and enjoy latency-free real-time video streaming. Like any other streaming multi-player game, Parsec also enables you and your friends to comment and engage in real-time.

alternatives to rabbit

14. AnimeParty: Rabbit Screen Share Alternative To Quench The Thirst Of Anime

Too many badass Animes to watch and such a short life, right? If you and your friends were into binge-watching Japanese Anime seasons, then you and your buddies must be missing Rabbit movie watching. Would you like to watch these animated Japanese anime with your Anime club buddies? The time has come to switch to AnimeParty! It is a simple platform that lets you develop a private room to share content with your friends.

The best thing is that the platform has a library of Anime Vídeos and you have access to this library to start viewing it. The platform allows you to view Anime Content with friends via a digital watch group. The portal allows you to communicate with co-watchers utilizing a group chat option. The consistency of the synchronized playback is commendable and when you enjoy anime with your friend you will not face significant issues. alternatives

15. Kosmi: Reinventing Websites Similar To Rabbit

Would you like to spend time with your friends digitally? Do you enjoy talking with them, playing poker, and watching YouTube videos together? In its virtual chat room, Kosmi will allow you to interact via webcam and share your videos with your browser or screen. 

You do not even have to go through the installation or registration problems with Kosmi, making it a great option if you’re looking for Rabbit alternatives

You can only build a space for your friends to start communicating. You can watch synchronized YouTube videos together and like on You can enjoy local video streaming. Even games can be played. Anyone who shares the URL will enter your room.

alternatives to rabbit

16. Together TV: Excellent Alternative To Rabbit Streaming Service

Together TV’s online platform helps you to share your favorite shows and films with your friends and family. In the libraries of popular sites like Netflix, Hulu and others you can stream contents and share it with others through its web-based interface. This is one of the best Rabbit alternatives to view videos together. 

You can share a remote monitor with someone you connect to online. You can either play videos on your computer on this platform or, if you are casually content, let it play random videos for yourself and your friends. With Together TV, you can use the audio chat with your friends.

alternatives to rabbit

17. Synaptop: Deluxe In The List Of Websites Similar To Rabbit

If you’re searching for sites like Rabbit, then Synaptop is one of the best Rabbit alternatives for shared video sharing experiences. With the aid of a remote link, you can co-visit videos with friends and family. The platform is free, but to enjoy its features and share viewing experiences, you will need to make an account available on the web. 

In addition to watching videos, with this website you can play games and listen to music. You may also use it to work or research projects with others. In short, Synatop allows all sorts of content to be shared with others. You won’t have to download anything thanks to its streaming services.

alternatives to rabbit

18. TogetherJS: Making The Collaboration Of Rabbit Alternatives Easier

TogetherJS is a platform with the best functionality required for online watch parties. After all, what would you expect of a Mozilla Labs product – but the best? This platform allows you to enjoy real-time collaboration supporting numerous sites and applications. Films and videos with others can also be viewed on this website. 

TogetherJS also includes an open-source repository in which you can add tools and work with users’ websites. You will first need to install and send it to your mates, to start watching popular videos and movies remotely. They can join in with this, and you can all begin to communicate. It is one of the best alternatives to Rabbit worth trying at least for one time.

alternatives to rabbit

19. Caracal Club: Do Everything Together With This Rabbit Streaming Alternative

Caracal Club users promote it as one of the best alternatives to Rabbit platform. It is a platform that allows you, just like, to stream virtual web browsers. Simply put, Caracal Club supports all available websites to prevent having to share your computer. To organize watch parties you can build private and public rooms. 

For the host, it is easy to transfer the room power to the other guests. You can speak to the other members of the session, although there is not a video or voice chat. You will have access to the rooms on the web at any time when you pay the subscription fee. The number of rooms on this portal is small. This can be useful.

alternatives to rabbit

20. Tutturu: Squeeze Out Of Long Distance With This Rabbit Streaming Alternative

Tutturu is another favorite among the alternatives to Rabbit. You can invite friends and share videos and other content through a social browsing site. You must build a room on this web, like other Rabbit replacements, for you to share the content. You can share anything from YouTube to Reddit to Anime pages. 

The shared virtual browser is also simple for members to control. All Rabbit’s major features, such as private and public rooms, virtual browsers, immersive audio, video, and text chat, remote passage, etc., are on this platform.

rabbit alternatives

21. Kast: Watching Parties Made Easy With This Rabbit Streaming Alternative

You may want to give Kast a try if you’re a diehard fan of It began as a desktop application, but the company has launched iOS and Android versions ever since. Besides common characteristics, such as video sharing, messaging, and file sharing, Kast enables more than 100 people to organize a watch group. 

As a live streaming option for gamers, you can also become more popular as you can play games and share your screen with friends, making it one of the coolest Rabbit alternatives.

rabbit alternatives

22. Explorii App: Making Rabbit Streaming Fun

This is a relatively new smartphone app for connecting and exploring the world if you wish to learn the culture, food, fashion, customs, and so on of a particular country. 

It’s not just that, though. Explorii is an all-in-one social networking app, which also includes texting, group video calls, private movie rooms, (free) instant messaging with friends and family, free internet, and phone calls.

rabbit alternatives

23. TeamFlix: Superb Name In The List Of Alternatives To Rabbit Streaming

TeamFlix enables you to share your PC screen with friends and relatives, which is another popular name in the list of Rabbit alternatives for watching video online supported video from Netflix, Vimeo, Reddit, Instagram, Streamable, Imgur, Facebook, and LiveLeak. 

Also, without registering on TeamFlix you get a room link. They will reach your chat room and begin viewing the video that you play on the browser after sharing the room with friends. You can talk and share your thoughts with your friends as you watch the video to double your fun. This is also a great Rabbit screen share alternative.

rabbit alternatives

24. SimulChat: Rabbit Video Sharing Alternative

In addition to creating private chat rooms, SimulChat is yet another alternative for Rabbit which enables its users to play games, watch movies, and share files. It is an easy to use web-based service and you can also chat text here with streaming services such as Rabbit. 

SimulChat will ensure the synchronization of Youtube images. It seems like in the same room you are watching TV. SimulChat provides you with an endless alternative to Rabbit streaming.

rabbit alternatives

25. AndChill: List But Not The Last In The List Of Rabbit Alternatives

The last name on our list of Rabbit alternatives is AndChill, a platform for your visual friends to share videos. To watch videos with persons from around the world, no matter where they live, you have to build both public and private rooms. The platform supports virtual watch parties.

rabbit alternatives

Let’s Get The Binge Party Going With Rabbit Alternatives used to be a platform that held friends and family members together through the enjoyable practice of watching good content, even if the people were not present nearby. It was a platform for hosting virtual movie nights. But all this ended in 2019 when the platform was closed. 

The new platform developed as a substitute for Rabbit is Kast, with a decent set when was shut down. But besides Kast, you can use several other frameworks that are liked to be the alternative to Rabbit. In this article, we mentioned the top 25 Rabbit alternatives for enhancing your movie experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What can I use instead of the Rabbit?

There are many platforms to try as Rabbit alternatives. Some of them are Kast, Kosmi, Rave, etc.

  • Why did Rabbit shut down?

In July 2019, Rabbit CEO Amanda Richardson announced that the site was soon to cease operations because a round of VC funding had failed in May. This led to Richardson laying off staff and begin shutting down Rabbit immediately. 

  • How do you stream on the Rabbit?

You can no longer stream on the Rabbit platform as it ceased all its operations. 

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