Complete Guide On How To Unpair Apple Watch

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Everything on the Apple Watch is removed and returned to the factory settings when you unpair it. You must do that if you want to pair or solve any watch difficulties with another iPhone. So let’s go ahead and discover various methods to simplify your Apple Watch experience.

For starters, we are going to list down what we will cover in this article:

  1. How to unpair Apple Watch?
  2. How to unpair Apple Watch without phone?
  3. How to unpair Apple Watch without Apple ID?
  4. How to unpair Apple Watch without iPhone activation lock?

So, let us begin this informative journey.

How To Unpair Apple Watch With Phone?

These steps must be followed for knowing how to unpair Apple Watch from iPhone:

  • Open the iPhone Watch app. You may swipe right on your home screen and look for “Watch,” if you don’t know where it is.
  • Choose the unpairing Apple Watch. On the home page of the app, you may see the Apple Watches linked with your iPhone. Select the one and reset the one you wish to unpair.
  • Right-click the orange i icon. The Apple Watch menu will be opened.
  • Tap ‘Apple Watch Unpair.’ At the bottom of the screen, you will see a notice to double verify whether your Apple Watch will be unpairing. Choose “Apple Watch Unpair X.”
  • Wait to unpair and reset the Apple Watch. The following message will appear on your iPhone.
  • The next two screens will be displayed on the Apple Watch, which will remove all old information and restoration ready for pairing with a new iPhone.

Now the iPhone is going to make a watch backup. It may thus take some time to finish the process. Once your Apple Watch has been completed and your iPhone will be unpaired.

How To Unpair Apple Watch Without Phone?

There might come a situation where you won’t have your iPhone with you. So, how to unpair Apple Watch without iPhone?

  • Check the Settings application for applications on your Apple Watch. Like the app on your iPhone, it appears like a gear.
  • Open and navigate to “General” in the Settings app. There’s also a symbol for gear!
  • Click on “Reset” and scroll down. It is available at the end of the list.
  • Tap on the option “Erase all content and configuration.” The caution on this page indicates that the Apple Watch reset does not remove Activation Lock and link it to your iCloud account. Don’t worry, this is also a question you can read about!
  • Click “Erase All” and press. The alert on this page shows that you will delete all information but will not remove the Activation Lock.
  • All the data is now deleted and reset by Apple Watch and ready for pairing.

This will unpair and delete all the information. The activation lock remains, though. You have to deactivate the activation lock on the Apple Watch if you want to sell or give this watch to anyone. We will discuss the activation lock in the last section of this blog. So, hold your horses (or jump directly to the last section if you need only that part).

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How To Unpair Apple Watch Without Apple ID?

Use iPhone To Reset Apple Watch Without Apple ID

You may utilize one function of the app to reset an Apple Watch without the Apple ID if your Apple Watch is linked with an iPhone and you are using the Apple Watch app on your iOS device. The Apple Watch app enables you to take numerous tasks straight from your iPhone on your Watch, including your watch re-setting capabilities.

You presumably already know all the repercussions of resetting your Apple Watch. Reset will erase all your Watch data and settings. Then you must reconfigure everything of your watch from scratch. Follow these steps:

  • Make sure you are close to both your iPhone and Apple Watch.
  • Launch your iPhone’s Apple Watch app, touch My Watch, and pick the Options General.
  • Tap the Reset option and pick the first option to specify Content and Settings for erasing Apple Watch.

Wait for the resetting of your Apple Watch. You may start setting up your Apple Watch from scratch once it is finished.

Use Apple Watch Passcode To Reset Without Apple ID

Two separate things are your Apple Watch passcode and your Apple ID. You may use your Apple Watch passcode to reset your device if you have forgotten your Apple ID password. This works as well as any other way. You don’t have to use your iPhone either. This technique is based on one of your Apple Watch’s integrated functions. 

You may utilize this built-in option to reset your Apple Watch only by entering the passcode that you remember very well, rather than utilizing the Apple Watch app on your iPhone. If you can’t remember your passcode, then you have to follow the previous section. That will reset your Apple Watch without a passcode

You will remove your Apple Watch and all the material and configurations it contains. You are requested to enter simply the passcode and your job can be continued by the watch. The steps given below describes how this is to be done.

  • Start the Apple Watch Settings app and tap General.
  • Choose Reset option, press Remove all content and settings. This restarts your Apple Watch.
  • You will be asked by your Apple Watch to enter your passcode. Enter your passcode and you’re going to proceed.
  • Tap the everything option and start resetting your Apple Watch.

Use Paired Phone To Reset Apple Watch

If both your Apple ID and your passcode have been forgotten, your final option is to utilize your Apple Watch physical buttons to reset them. Only if the device can be reset on your iPhone or the Watch menu is this option offered.

This approach resets your Apple Watch, as with previous methods, completely. It removes from your watch your stored files, data, and settings. You will then have a clean clock ready to adjust your unique configuration. If you wish to recover your material once the watch has restarted, you may back up your watch.

Remember that these steps won’t help you in how to unpair Apple Watch from old phone. To reset Apple Watch using particular keys without an iPhone:

  1. Plug your Apple Watch to charge the first thing you have to do.
  2. Click the Side button and keep it down. The Apple Watch you won’t turn off.
  3. Check your Power Off and swiftly let go of the selections on your screen.
  4. The option to delete all material and settings should be displayed. To start resetting your Apple Watch, tap this option.
  5. When you reset this technique, you will realize that your Apple Watch does not request an Apple ID. You don’t even request a passcode. You open an Apple Watch without an Apple ID like that.

These were the simple steps of how to unpair the Apple Watch without Apple ID.

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How To Unpair Apple Watch Without iPhone Activation Lock?

The following section discusses what the Activation Lock on an Apple Watch signifies, as well as some of the techniques used to remove the lock. Whether you have previously opened the activation lock or not, the steps are still straightforward to follow.

What Is The Activation Lock?

The first thing that you need to know is why this lock is active and why it is triggered with your Apple Watch before you try to remove an activation lock from your Apple Watch. You will not be able to grasp the lock procedure and how it may be released without understanding this crucial information.

An activation lock is a lock that helps to avoid unauthorized people using your Apple products. When my feature is selected and your watch is restored to the factory settings, this lock is activated on your Apple Watch. This is when the lock message on the screen is shown. 

You can not utilize any of the watch functions as long as this lock remains active on your Apple Watch. That’s because you can’t pass the main screen via the lock. This prevents any unwanted person from seeing the data of your Apple Watch. Only if you have the option Find My activated, will the activation lock be enabled on your apple watch. 

You won’t have this lock even if you reset it if you don’t have the My Find function. If you ever stumble or lose your Apple Watch, and someone resets it, you have to play with a dead watch and none of the features on it are available. This is – unless the password is known.

How To Unpair Apple Watch Without Activation Lock?

There is a technique that allows you to remove the activation block from your Apple Watch using your iCloud credentials if your owner is always there, or if you can contact them somehow. The removal of the lock via the official Apple method is this procedure.

As the device’s initial owner, the original owner may simply unpair the Watch on his iPhone, and have access to the iPhone with which the Apple Wait was combined. The activation lock will be removed from an iOS device. They require access to their iPhones through the Apple Watch app.

The original owner can delete the watch from the watch list in the app with the Apple Watch application. Apple will know, once the locked watch is taken away, that nobody owns the watch and will remove the lock from the device – all remotely. To that end, the original owner must take the next steps.

  • Bring your iPhone closer together with your Apple Watch.
  • Launch the Apple Watch to iPhone, tap My Watch, and press on the locked Watch info icon.
  • Choose the Unpair Apple Watch option. The Watch from the iPhone will be removed.
  • Enter iCloud connections and remove your Watch.

You should remove the activation lock and your Apple Watch is ready to be linked with any iPhone.

In case if the original owner isn’t physically present, then you can use iCloud to remove the activation lock.  iCloud provides an online interface in which you may utilize almost all of your iCloud services. The ability to discover and delete your Apple ID-related gadgets like your Apple Watch online is one of these online functions. The original owner can remotely erase the clock out of his account by this technique.

Once the process of the online unpair is done, your Apple Watch will sync with Apple servers. It’s because Apple won’t see any iPhone binding Apple Watch to them anymore. You may now link your watch to any account free of charge.

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Learn How To Unpair Apple Watch With Ease

If you are selling or giving your Apple Watch to somebody, then unpairing and resetting is the safest way to protect your data from falling into the wrong hands. To do so, you will need to bypass the activation lock for the upcoming users. Removing your account from iCloud will also help you in doing so. 

So, we hope that we cleared your doubt on how to unpair Apple Watch with simple methods depending on various situations.

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