Complete Guide Into How To Unlock iPhone Without Passcode

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The solid data protection procedures of Apple are renowned. You can’t enter your locked iPhones without a passcode, a Touch ID, or a Face ID to lock your iPhone by others. This can be helpful to prevent hacking of your iOS device. However, this also implies that you are also locked from your smartphone after you have forgotten your iPhone passcode.

“Forget passcode for iPhone” occurs more often than expected. Probably that’s why you now look for “How to unlock iPhone without passcode.” So, we will cover that for you if you forgot iPhone passcode without restore.

What Happens If You Enter the Wrong Password Into iPhone?

If you have forgotten your passcode, the passcode on your iPhone can also safeguard your device from unwanted access. Usually, this warning shows when at least six times you have tried to input an erroneous passcode. When you notice the iPhone message blocked, you first have to attempt in 1 minute or try 5, 15, and 60 minutes again.

  • 6 attempts – Your iPhone is 1 minute disabled
  • 7 attempts – Your iPhone is 5 minutes disabled
  • 8 attempts – Your iPhone is 15 minutes disabled
  • 9 attempts – Your iPhone is 60 minutes disabled
  • 10 attempts – You get the “iPhone Disabled message. Connect to iTunes” or if you are using Erase Data under Settings > Touch and Passcode (or Settings > Passcode for iPhones without Touch ID) your iPhone will be entirely deleted.

If you continue to input the incorrect passcode, your phone will either deactivate itself or delete all your data automatically if you have selected the option.

How To Unlock iPhone Without Password (5 Simple Methods)

These are the best tried and tested methods of how to unlock iPhone without passcode:

how to unlock iphone without passcode

1. Unlock iPhone Without Passcode Via UkeySoft Unlocker

UkeySoft Unlocker is a powerfully professional iPhone/iPad unlocker that is created specifically for iOS users to quickly defeat iPhone’s passwordless screen lock. You can unlock iPhone / iPad locks on home, this iPhone unlocker will unlock all types of lock screens, including 4-digit passcodes, 6-digit passcode, touch identification, and Face ID,

This will help you even when you are asking how to unlock an iPhone 6s without passcode. Apple ID may also be unlocked from any iPhone or iPad device without a password besides the iPhone screen passcode removal. UkeySoft Unlocking system is fully compatible with every iOS device activated, including the most recent iOS 14/iPadOS 14, but make sure you turn off the “Find iPhone” application for unlocking your iOS devices before using this application.

Please note, your settings and data will be erased and the device upgraded to the newest iOS version throughout the unlocking procedure.

2. How To Unlock iPhone Without Passcode Using iTunes

Let’s learn what to do if you disabled/lock your iPhone, then follow the procedures for unlocking your iPhone using iTunes. You can set up and access your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch after restoring your iPhone using iTunes. You may use iTunes to unlock iPhone without a passcode if you have recently synced iPhone with iTunes.

This way your iPhone will be restored using iTunes. Let’s study how to repair iPhone and restore iTunes in restore mode.

  • Open iTunes

Open iTunes on your computer or your Mac and connect your iPhone via a USB connection to your computer. If you don’t have new windows in iTunes, it indicates this technique can help you unlock your iTunes passcode.

This method is because the passcode is previously synchronized with iTunes, therefore unplug your iPhone device from your computer.

  • Put iPhone Into Recovery Mode

To use iTunes to restore your closed iPhone without entering the passcode, you have to set the iPhone in recovery mode to identify the device by the iTunes application. Due to iPhone models, the functioning of the device in retrieval mode differs, please learn more about how to retrench your iPhone or iPad.

Take example how to unlock iPhone 6 without passcode:

  • Switch the iPhone off
  • Go and open iTunes on your computer
  • Then plug your iPhone into your PC by holding down both the “Power” and the “Home” button simultaneously. During the reboot of your iPhone, your iPhone is still linked. Once the Apple logo is shown, leave the power button pressed until you get a message on the iPhone “connect to iTunes.” Now in Recovery mode, the device has to reboot.

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  • Update iPhone Device

The iPhone is now recognized in iTunes recovery mode. Then the iPhone is restored via iTunes.

  • Passcode Will Restore After Recovery

You will delete your passcode and delete all of your data at the same time. Once the procedure is done, you may remove the passcode from the iPhone and can set up and access your iPhone without inputting a passcode.

3. Use Find My iPhone

Find My iPhone can remove locked iPhones from consumers and so assist them to break the iPhone passcode. You can unlock your computer-free iPhone passcode. You will be able to follow the instructions below to know how to unlock iPhone 7 without passcode if ‘Find My iPhone’ is activated on your iPhone.

Visit and connect to in your browser window.
You must pick “All devices” when you’re finished and choose your iPhone. If you already have “Find my iPhone” on it, it should be in the checklist.
To delete the forgotten or lost passcode click on “Erase iPhone,” and also remember that all of the data on your iPhone will be removed simultaneously.

4. Unlock iPhone Using Recovery Mode

This may be done while the Find My iPhone function on your iPhone is disabled. You’d at least synchronized your device with iTunes once lately to conduct this approach.

  • To start, upgrade to the newest version of your iTunes.
  • Start iTunes and connect your iPhone to a previously synced PC.
  • Put your device in DFU mode,
  • On iPhone 8 or above: Press and release simultaneously the up and down volume button. Hold down the Side button until the iTunes display is shown. Simultaneously press and hold down the side and volume buttons. Do not go out until you see the screen of the recovery mode.
  • Your device in recovery mode will be notified. To restore your iPhone, select “OK.”
  • You can reset your iPhone or iPad after a while. You have unlocked your iPhone passcode. If you have one, you can restore it from iTunes backup.

It is returned to the settings of the manufacturer. Once you restore your iPhone to a backup, you will be asked if you wish to restore data from a backup.

5. Unlock iPhone With Siri

  • Tap and hold on to your iPhone to activate Siri using the Home button. Tell Siri, “What time is it?” Then the “Uhr” symbol appears and you may start it with a click on it.
  • Go to the interface of the World Clock and click the (+) sign for a clock to add.
  • Searching for a town. Enter anything you want and then click “Select Everything.”
  • It provides several choices, including cutting, copying, defining, sharing, and more. Click Share. Click Share.
  • A new window containing several sharing channels will be created. To proceed, click on the “Message share clock time” icon.
  • Click the “Return” button on the keyboard in the “To” field.
  • The text will be emphasized in green. Click the “+” symbol and choose it.
  • A new window appears and a new contact is created.
  • Tap ‘Photo Add’ and pick ‘Photo Choose.’
  • Access now to your picture library and see all the images in your albums.
  • Leave the interface using the “Home” button, which will lead you to the home screen of your phone. Without a password, you may now access your iPhone.

How To Unlock iPhone Passcode Without Computer?

how to unlock iphone without passcode

It might be excessive to remove a screen password or an iPhone passcode by deleting all files from your iPhone X. For authentication credential removal, iMyFone provides a specific LockWiper, e.g. a passcode, password, face ID, Touch ID, etc.

The drawback of iMyFone is that for a minimum of one stage of the procedure you will require a PC. Make sure that your PC is connected to your iPhone without any problems with the connection via a data connection (e.g. a USB cable connector). iMyFone requires a direct connection to your phone so the iPhone passcode may be unlocked without a PC.

Go to iMyFone online and click the link LockWiper, which will take you to the Windows or Mac OS for the installation and installation of iMyFone LockWiper. You can discover choices for free trials for 30 days. This is a premium software program. Connect your iPhone to the computer and set your iPhone in recovery mode for the following step. These are the steps of how to unlock the iPhone XR without passcode:

  • Simultaneously or hold down the power key and the home button.
  • Press the volume control and side button and hold it.
  • Now take the easy instructions below.

Follow the LockWiper firmware instructions. You are prompted to click “start to unlock” to initiate the process of unlocking. Sometimes you are asked to click on your option of the opening mode using iMyFone LockWiper.

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Botton Line Of How To Unlock iPhone Without Passcode

You should not be panicked if you ever forget the iPhone passcode. Methods for unlocking iPhone X, XR, and XS without a passcode let you unlock your smartphone. We hope that our above instructions will help you to know how to unlock iPhone without passcode.

Forgetting your iPhone passcodes may be a nerve-wracking situation without a nearby computer. But this article will help you in overcoming this problem.

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