How To Reset Windows 10 [Full Guide]

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It could be time to tune up your Windows 10 rig. All this new PC junkware you need to do with the Microsoft Refresh Windows tool might be clear as well. However, anything more sinister could also not be solved by tech. It might be time to reset Windows 10 PC to factory settings if your machine does not function as it would be or if you receive troubling error messages. 

Make sure you back up your files before the big Reset before taking the nuclear option to do something. before the big Reset. You can then change your settings, reinstall your apps and migrate files back until everything has been restored!  Windows 10 is more trouble-free in its entirety than its previous versions — but things go wrong still. 

We made the mistake of not ensuring my laptop was safely connected a few years ago during a big update on Windows. In the center of the update, the battery ran out and there! I’ve been left with a rather costly brick that I was sure of now. Resets are also useful when you just purchased a new device spanner, loaded all your data onto it, and now want to sell/commerce your old Windows 10 system/give it away/discard it. 

But before you get the machine you need no more, you’ll want to remove all your data from your home. But first of all, you want to remove all your data from your hard drive before you get the no-needed machine out of your building. Depending on what you have to do, there are various methods to reset in Windows 10. You can do this from the Windows GUI or the standard Safe Mode if you have trouble.

How To Reset Windows 10

Follow the steps given below to reset Windows 10:

  1. Pick the gear icon below to open the Settings window by clicking on the Start Menu. 1. The Settings software can also be selected from the app list. Tap Update & Security to proceed under Settings.

reset windows 10

Source: My Computer

  1. Click the Recovery tab and choose to Get this PC Started. You may want to look at the Recovery Drive if you want to recover your Windows 10 instance from an external source.

reset password in windows 10

Source: My Computer

  1. You’ve got two choices at this point. You can either hold your files and just delete downloaded apps and settings, or erase it all and start at scratch. An additional setting will also be given to you in any option.

 reset windows 10 password

Source: My Computer

By default, when your PC was brand new if you want to keep my files, games, and settings. Click the Change settings connection and turn it off will disable this setting. You can also delete your files by saving apps and settings if you want to delete all things. To turn the data erasure option on, click the Change Settings link. Windows 10 recommends that you delete the drive completely, which makes recovering loss of data much harder.

  1. Hit Next and Windows will say what will be deleted until a final decision is made when you determine what is to be removed from the screen. You will look at a list of apps that are deleted with your reset if you want to hold my files.

 reset windows 10 password

Source: My Computer

Finally, to commit, press Reset. Your machine will restart, and boot again after a few minutes. When you go back to Windows 10, you will see that everything you have chosen to delete was washed from the system. You can now restore your files to the computer if you backup them.

  1. Click “Reset” to finalize the reset.  Your machine will restart and boot again after a few minutes. You can see that everything you choose to delete from the system was wiped out when you return to Windows 10.

reset network settings in windows 10 

Source: My Computer

How To Reset Windows 10 In Safe Mode

Windows is often squashed to such an extent that the reset function cannot be achieved. The next thing to do is to reset Safe Mode in that situation. You can also use Safe Mode for easily accessible restarting your computer without loading all the apps and functions that can cause issues if you have been around the Windows system for a while. 

In Windows 10, Safe Mode is not as easy to boost, especially if you have major problems – but if you can’t get to the usual Reset window it could still save your bacon. The Windows 10 Safe Mode can be useful in several ways. This can lead you, for example, to a previous Windows edition. 

It will restore the device (if you have the foresight to use the restoration function, that will save a Windows version in the event of an emergency). And you can reset your device.

  1. Follow the above resetting instructions. Click on “Restart Now” under the heading “Start Advanced” when you arrive at the Recovery page.

You will get a blue screen that lets you “choose a choice.” 

  1. You will get a blue screen that lets you “choose a choice.”  These options may vary; I can continue to boot from an external computer, turn the PC off, or fix it on my machine. Click “Troubleshoot” to reset your PC.
  2. You can restart your PC, restore the images from a warehouse, or provide “advanced options” for the next screen. You can check these options with a “Startup Repair” function, allowing you to adjust startup settings, uninstall updates (often causing problems) and others. This function allows you to use a different system.
  3. You only have to select this option to reset your PC, then you will be given the option to either keep your files or delete them all. You will need to fill in your recovery key first and the process starts, again.

How To Reset Windows 10 From Blank Screen

This is the hardest way to enter the safe mode – but you’d like to try it if your PC simply doesn’t boot Windows. This was the thing that happened to me, but I had to try and not curse a little and brace myself to be patient.

  1. Make sure that your machine is completely disabled.
  2. To activate your PC, press the power button. As it restarts (e.g. if you see the logo of the manufacturer), push the power button again before it switches off again (usually about 10 seconds).
  3. On/off a second time, repeat the procedure.
  4. Your PC can enter Safe Mode next time you power up.
  5. Again, before it succeeded, I had to try it several times, and I’m still not sure what I’ve done right last time. But it’s worth trying if your PC doesn’t boot and you just want to try to reset it.

How To Reset Network Settings In Windows 10

Reset the network as a last resort in the problem-solving phase really should be used. Before you try, you can first try some basic fixes. Often the built-in problem solver resolves your difficulties or, at the very least, guides you through steps that can help reset the Windows 10 network settings. Windows also has a good command-line tool to help you locate the problem. However, if anything else fails or if you would just like the network back to start. It may be beneficial to reset your network.

When you reboot your network, Windows forgets about your Ethernet and all your Wi-Fi networks and passwords. It also forgets other connections you’ve made, like VPN or virtual switches. Resetting would deactivate and then reinstall all the network adapters and reset other networking components. When you first install Windows, you will have to answer the questions you saw and select whether your PC is on the network to be visible.

  1. Press Start and click the Settings button to open your windows settings (or just press your keyboard for Windows+i). Click “Network & Internet” on the Windows Settings screen.

reset network settings in windows 10 


  1. Choose the “Status” tab on the “Reset Network” list, scroll down to the right and click the “Reset Network” link.

reset network settings in windows 10 


  1. The Network Reset screen tells you how your networking will be reset and lists the need for a reset. To reset laptop Windows 10, restart your PC, click the “Reset now” button

reset windows 10


  1. Press the “Yes” button if requested to confirm reset settings in Windows 10.

reset windows 10


Again, it really should be a last resort to reset your network. However, if all your attempts to resolve the problem have failed, complete reset settings in windows 10 can only be the answer.

How To Reset Windows 10 Password Without Disk

  • Factory Reset Windows 10 With Security Questions

You can apply security questions to your local account while using Windows 10 version 1803 or higher, to factory reset Windows 10 PC password, without having to redefine it.

  1. A notification prompt will appear on the screen when you type an incorrect password to login to Windows 10: “Password is incorrect. Try again.” Try again.” With this post, click OK.
  2. The “Reset password” connection is shown under the password box. Then you’ll be back at the login page. Click on the password reset page to proceed to reset computer to factory settings Windows 10.
  3. You have to retrieve the security questions on the screen and reestablish your Windows 10 password. You can immediately click the Reset password icon to factory reset Windows 10 without settings.
  • Reset Windows 10 Laptop

Check the login screen to see if additional log-in options are available. You have a great chance to restarted your Windows 10 password with any disc if you are still able to log in with Windows 10 using your PIN, Picture Password, or another admin account.

Step 1: Log in with another login option to reset Windows 10 laptop.

Step 2: As an administrator, open a Command Prompt.

Step 3: Enter and type the key to reset your Windows 10 password. Enter desired username and password.

  • Reset Password In Windows 10 With Installation Media

Don’t lose your heart if the two above approaches don’t work for you. An installation disc for Windows 10 also helps to re-set the password for Windows 10 without losing details. You may not have Windows 10 install media, but you can immediately use the media development tool to build one on another device or burn an ISO file with a USB drive. 

The whole process may be very tedious, but in case you have forgotten Windows 10 password and no password resets disc, it’s a great way to reset password in Windows 10.

How To Reset Wifi Password In Windows 10

  • Reset Windows 10 Password In Wifi

  1. Make sure your Windows 10 machine has a Wi-Fi connection.
  2. Open the Win + R dialogue, then type into ncpa.cpl and then click OK.
  3. This takes you straight to the Control Panel Network Connections. All your currently linked networks can be seen from here. Right-click Wi-Fi and from the context menu, pick Status.
  4. Press the Wireless Properties button when the Wi-Fi Status dialogue opens.
  5. Select the Security tab and tick the Show characters choice when the wireless Network Properties dialogue opens so that you can see the Wi-Fi password clearly to reset DNS server setting Windows 10.
  • Reset Passwords In Windows 10 Wifi

The first way to find the Wi-Fi password from Windows 10 is for those who did not choose the “automatic” option when they connect to the Wi-Fi network, or those who are not able to connect the machine for some reason, and need a third party Wi-Fi Password Recovery tool:

  1. On your Windows 10 device, download and install a WiFi reliable password restoration tool such as WiFi Password Refixer.
  2. Run this instrument. Run this instrument. All Wi-Fi passwords entered on your device are automatically discovered and shown on screen.
  3. The wireless password can be shown directly on the phone, or the export can be export by clicking Save.
  4. You can either directly view a wireless password on the screen or press Save to export the passwords to *.txt backup files.

Reset Windows 10 With Ease

Windows will start up your network after restarting your PC. Again, it should be a last resort to restart your network. However, a complete reset may be just the solution if all your other troubleshooting attempts have failed.

This means that Windows 10 is reset easily and effectively. As you can see, it is much simpler and practical for you to reset your router, especially for computer novices, to reset your Wi-Fi password.

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