How To Record Audio On iPhone & The Best Recording Apps

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The iPhone has many remarkable features, it is a universal tool. Recorder (a.k.a. Voice Memos) is one of Apple’s key programs that come pre-installed on all of its mobile devices, including the iPhone and iPad. This function enables you to effortlessly convert your iPhone to a grabber that can generate good audio for any personal or occupational requirement – all with just a few clicks.

In this article, we will discuss voice recording on iPhone. At the end of this article, we will also list down the best voice recorder apps for iPhone.

How To Audio Record On iPhone?

You’ll have it mastered in just a few minutes if you wonder how to utilize the voice memos application on an iPhone to record notes, meetings, or sing to yourself or any other sound. Once you know the basic steps, it’s simple and easy to use. Just a brief word before we immerse ourselves: while the Voice Memos app allows you to record the noises surrounding your phone in surprisingly good clarity, the Voice Memos app doesn’t allow you to capture a telephone conversation.

However, that may be hurt, because recording conversations can lead to a range of legal difficulties, but there are numerous great paid applications that you can use for recording iPhone calls if you need them. We have provided steps of how to record the iPhone in the following section.

  • How To Use Voice Memo To Record Your Your Voice

In the utility section on the Home screen of your iPhone, you will usually discover Voice Memos. You will be brought directly to its primary interface after you have opened it. You’ll see a round red button at the bottom of the screen. This is the button Record. To start recording, press it.

Press the Record button again if you wish to stop recording. The recording ends and adds it to your Voice Memos stored. On the main Voice Memos screen, you will see an entry for it. It is generally called for where they were recorded. But you may alter it simply by touching the name.

It helps you know what you want to capture beforehand, and how the iPhone is ideally positioned to achieve the greatest recording quality. In general, it is best to put the iPhone in a flat area than to hold it in your hand, because it eliminates wobbles and scuffs which can generate unwanted noise.

Also, it should be noted that the microphone is at the end of your iPhone — so you may direct it to the recording source.

  • How To Use iPhone Voice Memo To Edit Or Delete Recorded Audio

After anything is recorded, Voice Memos allows you to record a variety of things. Take the More icon below your record (which seems to be three horizontally-aligned dots), and you may create a menu with numerous options. Tap Edit Recording once in this menu to edit what you just recorded.

This creates another screen displaying your recording’s audio wave graph. The Trim symbol is in the top right-hand corner just above this graph. To trim your recording, tap on it. You accomplish this by dragging either the beginning of the end of the audio on one of the yellow lines.

Drag it to the desired place, hit Play to hear what it’s going to sound like, then tap Trim to finish the trim. Type Save button to save your modification, then press Done in the top right corner of the screen. You may rapidly erase voice recordings when you like if you are wanting to release spaces or remove an embarrassing or unneeded recording.

Go to a voice recorder. Tap the recording in question and then tap the Trash symbol underneath it onto the main Voice Memos screen. Even after you delete them, records are kept for a month in the Deleted folder until they completely disappear. Access them through a recently deleted scroll. When you tape this, you can restore a deleted record.

  • How To Use Voice Memos To Share Audio Recording iPhone

You may then publish your recording on a platform or email it to your contacts after you have changed your preferences. Just click on the More icon underneath the record. You may copy and replicate or save the recording to Files here.

Tap the share icon to share it. Select the app via which the recording will be shared. Another option is to share records with chosen friends on your contact list and other Apple users using Messages or AirDrop.

How To Screen Record With Audio On iPhone?

The iPads and iPhones of Apple are wonderful for streaming music, but it wasn’t ideal to record. You are still not, however, certain techniques can be beneficial to produce specific sorts of recordings. The way some of us utilized audio cassettes to record the top 100 billboards on the radio, is not about capturing songs of Apple Music.

It’s about how you may capture audio streams and even telephone calls while you look for a subject or interview somebody. So, check out the following steps to know how to record sound on iPhone:

  • Record Audio On iPhone While Streaming

You will find exceptions, so you have to test them before you depend on them fully. In general, you may record the audio on your iPad or iPhone if it is played on a website.

Services like YouTube and Netflix prohibit recordings, whether via applications or Safari, which are very specific exceptions.

However, Apple’s live keynote broadcast and financial returns reporting are all OK. There may be legal problems with generating or utilizing records, but if you do the following, theoretically everything works.

  • In your Control Center, add screen recording.
  • Swipe it down and touch the Record button for Control Center.
  • See the stream.
  • When you’re done tap the red recording symbol on the menubar

You will receive a report indicating your camera role has saved the screen recording. And there’s a video of all that was on your screen in the record, and the audio as well. However, if the site prohibits you, you will know it instantly, since it stops and you will receive information immediately.

  • Voice Recorder On iPhone Without Video

You just captured a video from your screen and we only want the audio. For once, though, it’s your benefit to be on iOS in this audio working around. You may drop the movie to a Mac and open it with a QuickTime Player. You would notice an option named Audio Only when you went to the file and export as.

That would, but even if you do not have AirDropping, this is a further step for the iPad to take – if you have loaded an app called Ferrite. Ferrite is a simple studio for iPad recording and has the advantage of being able to import and delete footage from your camera roll.

How To Record Audio On iPhone 7 Easily With Memo?

The methods in this section were done on iOS 11.4.1 on iPhone 7 Plus. This section will teach you how to record audio on iPhone7:

  • Open menu Settings.
  • Select the choice for the Control Center.
  • Touch the button Customize checks.
  • To add it to the control center, tap the Add button to the left of Voice Memos. Please note that this is only necessary once. The Voice Memos app will now be available in the Control Center.
  • Wipe the control center from the bottom of the screen.
  • Touch the symbol of Voice Memos.
  • To begin recording, tap on the red circle in the center of the screen.
  • When you finish the recording, tap the red button again.
  • Tap the button Done.
  • Change the record name (if you would like) and hit on the Save button.

Best Voice Recording Apps iPhone

Before you opt to install voice recording software on your iPhone you need to examine many aspects. In addition, you can discover numerous free choices that may be quite useful if you merely want an easy way to record stories and conversations using your iPhone or iPad. Here are some of the best apps for recording voices on iPhone. You can download these apps on App Store:

  • Voice Memos: Best App For Recording Voices On iPhone

You’ll discover the Voice Memos app which enables you to record audio without limits if you’re looking through the Extras folder on your iPhone home screen. You just need to press the Record button to start recording your ideas or to start a dialogue.

Voice memo allows you to pause and restart recording whenever you choose, even while using other applications on your iPhone you may record conversations. You can save or remove the audio file you generated when the recording session is done. If you are not pleased with the results, you can save that sound file to your device.

Key Features Of This iPhone Recorder:

  • Free of cost
  • Simple UI
  • Equipped with editing tools
  • Pause and play option


  • Audio Share: One Of The Best Voice Recording Apps iPhone For Audio Professionals

AudioShare is going to be a joy to musicians and all other creative people working with numerous audio files. This software also enables you to capture sounds via an external mic, as well as strong file management features for transferring data from one application to another app or a computer.

Furthermore, you may select or record and play your recordings with different playback quality from various rates of bits and samples. You may import music to AudioShare and cut, decompose or decompose all of your audio recordings with this and other applications. You may export your files to all AudioShare compatible applications when you have finished editing.

Key Features Of This Best Voice Recorder On iPhone:

  • Highly capable
  • Advanced editing tools
  • Easy file management
  • Transfer feature


  • Awesome Voice Recorder: Provides The Best Voice Recording On iPhone

Take a lecture or an interview with AVR as well, as you just have to choose the recording quality you want to produce, determine whether you want to make mono or an interview, and select if your file will be stored in MP3, M4A, or WAV formats.

The software also allows you to add tags that assist you to emphasize the most essential sections of the video or resume a login after a maximum period of three minutes. AVR also eliminates background sounds that might influence the quality of the audio files you generate.

Key Features Of This iPhone Recorder:

  • Free of cost
  • Highly versatile
  • Faster file management
  • Sleek UI


  • Voice Recorder And Audio Editor: Best iPhone Recorder

If you are looking for a voice recording device that can also correctly transcribe audio files, you should no longer look. The application does not limit the time of your audio recordings, but you must shop in applications if you want your files to be transcribed or text notes added to them.

You may choose the audio file type you create, change its replay speed or cut the section you don’t need with the free edition of the Voice Recorder and Audio Editor. You may simply share your voice records in social media or save them in the cloud once you have recorded and modified them.

Key Features Of This Go To Voice Recorder:

  • Unlimited recording time
  • Supports WiFi sharing
  • Transcription supported
  • Can add notes


  • Voice Record Pro: Provides Highly Versatile Voice Recording On iPhone

The start of this program is an easy procedure that may be finished with only a few short clicks for the new audio capture session. Voice Record Pro can record voice in all standard file formats, allowing you to convert your files to any format. The software also lets you add bookmarks, pictures, and notes or merge several audio recordings into a single file.

Voice Record Pro offers a wide range of export choices, enabling you to simply publish or post your speech recordings on YouTube as video clips to the cloud storage service, an FTP server.

Key Features Of This iPhone Recorder:

  • Versatile
  • High-quality audio
  • Excellent file sharing options
  • Freemium version available

Concluding Our Take On How To Record Audio On iPhone

You may be a student who wants to capture lectures for future studies; you might be a journalist who wants to record an interview or you might be a musician who wants a demo without the spirit of utilizing a special music program. No matter what the objective, it’s blissfully easy to use Voice Memos and record audio on your iPhone.

It may not get all attention received from other iPhone applications, but it’s one of Apple’s heroes. We have provided this article for clearing your doubt on how to audio record on iPhone.

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