Extensive Guide On How To Create 3D Text In Different Software

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As part of the visual language, all motion designers utilize text. 3D text creation gives a variety of choices to assist you to make your appearance exactly what you want. In this tutorial, we will talk about everything about creating 3D text. We will discuss the steps of how to create 3D text in Photoshop and various other editing software.

How To Create 3D Text With Photoshop

The first part of this article is how to create 3D text in Photoshop CS6, which means that you need to work almost at the same time with three separate panels. You arrange and build the 3D texts on the layers panel.

You access 3D controls in the 3D Panel while the Properties Panel lists several materials to enhance realism, distorting them and applying them. It is rather easy to work in a three-dimension space, but you must be very careful. The steps of how to create a 3D text in Photoshop CS3 are given as follows:

  • Create A Background

The very first step to Photoshop 3D text is to create a background. Change the space of work first. Go on > Workspace > Window > 3D. Creating a fresh blank (cmd/ctrl+N) canvas. Set the width to 1500 px, height to 620 pixels, 300ppi resolution, then click OK, name 3D Text. Go to File > Place ‘pix 117004 background.jpg’ embedded, change the size, and click Return/Enter.

  • Download New Font

Download the South Afirkas 2100 fonts from dafont.com. Unzip the file on your PC and install it. Take the tool of type (T). Select Southern African fonts, Size: 70pt, then type SAFARI into the options to create 3D text photoshop.

  • Add Texture

Place ‘pix 2068284 texture1.jpg’ in the Embedded Place. Clip the layers above the text, press cmd/ctrl+opt/alt+G. Click the Safari layer and hold Shift. Press cmd/ctrl+E to combine with both levels enabled. Rename the Safari texture layer. Adding texture is the answer to how to create high quality metal 3D text in Photoshop.

  • Create 3D Layer

Go to 3D > Selected Layer’s New 3D Extrusion. Choose Texture Mapping: Scale and set the Extrusion Depth to 10mm in the Properties box, click Mesh. Click on the inflation material for the front of Safari Texture in the 3D panel, set Roughness to 80% and Bump to 100%.

  • Add More Textures

Click on Safari Texture Extrusion Material in the 3D layer panel. You may select Replace Texture, find ‘pix 2068284 texture2.jpg’, and Open in the Properties panel. Now click Diffuse. Adjust the ruggedness to 80% and 100% to Bump.

  • Edit UV Properties

We will now modify the texture of the extrusion. Open the Diffusion icon again in Properties and click Edit UV Properties. Fix the U/X scale to 65% and the V/Y scale to 50%, then click OK.

  • Add Bevel Effect

Click on the 3D layer in the 3D panel. Now, click on Cap in the Properties window. Place the sides at 35%, then alter the contour to Cone Inverted. The sides at 35%.

  • Move 3D Text

Take the tool Move (V). Click on 3D (this is the third icon on the bottom right) in Dolly’s 3D workspace. Keep the mouse button and drag it further away to move the text. To rotate and move the image down, click the Orbit and Pan 3D camera.

  • Adjust The Light

Click Infinite Light on the 3D panel. Use the on-picture controller to change the light, position it before the 3D text and move it to the top-left corner by around 75 degrees. Render the picture to 3D>Render 3D Layer.

  • Create A Layer Mask

Customize the Safari Texture layer by pressing cmd/ctrl+J in the Layers window. Go to layer > Rasterize > Rasterize > 3D. (Safari Texture overlay hides the original 3D.) Fill in a mask layer. Take the tool Brush. Press F5 and choose the brush of dune grass, modify the dynamic shape and disperse then paint over the mask and merge the grass.

  • Make Adjustment

Let’s sharpen the picture a little first. Click on the thumbnail of Safari Texture. Go to Filter > Shoot > Shoot. Settle the tones now. Go to Layer > New Layer > Levels for adjustments. Set 0, 1.15, 215 to the inputs and cut the layers.

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  • Place The Lion

Go to File > Set ‘pix 1236169 lion.jpg’ as embedded. Select the tool for Quick Selection (W) and choose the lion. Go to Choose > Mask and Select. To overlay, change View Mode. Set the edge-detection radius to 15, verify the edge-detection radius and utilize the selection tools. ‘Nouveau layer mask output.’ Output.

  • More Adjustments

Take the brush of Dune Grease and paint the mask behind the broths to cover the paws and tail. Go to Filter > Sharpen > Sharpen now. Now. Then click to Layer > New Layer > Levels of Adjustment. Put 0, 0,95, 245 inputs and click on the layers.

  • Pen Tool

Take the Pen Tool (P) and trace the elephant route. Click Select: and then click OK in Options. Go to Layer > Mask layer > Selection for the disclosure. To change the size, use cmd/ctrl+T.

  • Add More Adjustments

Go to Layer > New layer of adaptation > Brightness/Contrast. Clip the layers and click Ok. Set Brightness to 30, a contrast to 15. Make a fast color adjustment now. Go to Layer > Photo Filter > New adjustment layer. Filter select: Set the density to 30%, cut the layers and click OK.

  • Bring The Ostrich

Go to File > Place ‘pix 341989 ostrich.jpg’ embedded. Select the picture using the Quick Selection tool (W). Click Select and Mask for Options. To increase your mask by clicking on the tool Refine Edge Brush (R) or the tool Brush (B). Put the ostrich beside the elephant in a resized picture.

  • Curves Adjustment

Now let’s use a tone-correction curve adaptation. Go to Layer > New Layer > Curves. In the center, move the mouse cursor down or set the IT to 45 and the Output to 40, click on the layers, and click OK.

  • Place More Images

Put the ‘pix 1224295 monkey.jpg’ embedded place in File >. To further narrow the selection, use the Quick Selection tool to pick the picture, select and mask. Place the picture and resize the lettering. To fix tones, use a Curves adjustment.

  • Add The Giraffe

Placed the ‘giraffe.jpg’ pix 927281. Choose the giraffe and mask it. Add a new layer and cut the layers on top (cmd/ctrl+opt/alt+G). Switch to Soft Light Metal and pick up the Brush Tool.

  • Colour Correction

On top of the layer, the stack put a new adjustment layer. Go to Layer > New Layer Adjustment > Filter Photo. Set the density to 25 percent, choose Filter: Warm Filter (85), then click OK.

  • Create Snapshot

To make a snapshot, press shift+cmd/ctrl+opt/alt+E. Have the last adjustment now. Go to Filter > Filter for Camera Raw. Clearance:+10 and Saturation:+5, settings of exposure at +0.25, highlights at -30.

How To Create 3D Text In Illustrator

Illustrator is also a great 3D text maker. These are the steps of how to create 3D text in Illustrator CS5:

  • Adding The Text For 3D Text Generator

Click the Type Tool, drag a box to your text on the artboard, then type “DESIGN TEXT” into two lines. This will give us the form we want. By opening a character panel (Window > Type > Character or by clicking Ctrl/ Cmd + T), you may modify the text size. Adelle Basic Bold is the font that we use, however, if you like, you may use another comparable font.

  • Convert Text To Paths

We will now cover the text for the forms so that working with it will be easy. Click on the wording and then go to Type > Creating Outlines (Shift + Strg/Cmd + O) using your selection tool (V). Converting text to paths is important if you want to know how to create 3D text in Illustrator CS6.

  • Adjust The Kerning And Leading

The kerning and leading (the gap between the two letters) of the text should be changed so that the fit is tightened. First, we have to unpack the text, so go to the object (Shift+Ctrl/Cmd+G) > ungroup. It will be done such that we may individually click on each letter. To choose this word, click and drag a box to TEXT, then proceed closer to “DESIGN” to select it.

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  • Add Color

How to create 3D text in Illustrator CS3? You need to add color for that. So, we will add color to the letters since it will be easier to notice the sides of the 3D text. Select first all the “DESIGN” letters and add a yellow to them.

  • Adjust Size

Now we may begin to work on the 3D text. First of all, however, let’s fill in the wording a bit more. Select both words, hold Shift, and then drag out a corner anchor to increase it. To prevent the text from distorting.

  • Get Into 3D Text

Let’s begin 3D text work. 6. To group the letters, select Object > Group (Ctrl/Cmd + G) so that the letters remain in a single form when our text is three-dimensional, not in a single 3D shape.

Next, select Effect > 3D > Extrude & Bevel, opening a dialogue window for Options. Click the Preview check box to see how the text will look in the 3D Extrude and Bevel Options dialogue box.

  • Adjust The 3D Text

Let the 3D Extrude & Bevel options start playing around. In the settings window, the blue square on the 3D box is the text face. You can just click, drag, and observe how your 3D text is altered at every end of the cube. We want the words to look like they are on the ground, therefore change the positions such that your text seems like it’s flat on the back.

  • Adjusting Perspective

The “DESIGN” top right corner looks out and not truly in view. To correct this, we may change the outlook for our text to around 500.

  • Adjusting Height

Finally, with Extrude Depth, we will modify the sides of the text to a little more shortly (to 40pt).

These are the only options we need to alter in the text for our needs. Push OK to commit the adjustments.

  • Convert 3D Texts To Path

The text appears OK, but generally, it is quite black and somewhat boring. The text has rudimentary shading. We would want also to make it more interesting by adding styled shading on it. Go to Object > Expand Appearance to start altering the text. The 2D text is taken and pathways for the 3D text are produced.

  • Adjust The Text Face Color

Click one of the sides, hold down Shift and click on the others to pick all of them at once for the facial face of the letters “DESIGN.” Click the yellow swatch in the Swatches Panel to apply the color.

  • Create The Shadow Colors

We must add extra colors to shade the text’s sides. Two additional yellows, one deeper and one darker. Click on the original yellow color of the “DESIGN” in the Swatches panel to produce the other two yellows and subtract 40 from R and G (e.g. 247, 187, 14 becomes 207, 147, 14). Click on this yellow and drag it into the Swatches panel to make another yellow by removing 40 of R and G, which are 167, 107, and 14.

  • Simplify The Curves

You will see that they’re divided into two parts when you click on certain of the curved forms. If you don’t open the pathfinder panel (Shift+Ctrl/Cmd+F9) we want to turn these two parts into one. Click one side, hold Shift and click the other side, then hold down Shift.

  • Add Dark Shadows

Now we must decide which sides will get our light source and which sides will not. We’re going to utilize it as the light source is placed on the right. The lower portions of the text, and the left parts of the text, are therefore dark yellow, with the darkest part on the left. So on the left margins of the text, let us utilize our deepest yellow and blue.

  • Add Lighter Shadows

On the remainder of the sides of the text, use the medium blue and yellow color. Let’s carry on and add some gradients to this lesson.

  • Create Shadow Gradients

Create a gradient using the medium yellow and dark yellow as the initial gradient. You ought should have two gradients of yellow now.

  • Add Gradients To Lighter Shadows

Now, recall our light source from the right, thus the forms cast from right to left a shadow. In this context, click on the sides of the lighter text and then the gradient will be lighter.

Click the Gradient Tool (G) in the Tools Panel to alter the gradient. To change the gradient, you may click and drag over the form.

  • Finish The Lighter Shadow Gradient

No exact science exists when we add color gradients, it is simply a question of producing a difference in color, distinguishing something, and providing it minor light changes.

  • Add The Darker Shadow Gradient

Repeat what we did to the darker sections and add the darker ones.

  • Light The Text Faces

The text is a nice as-is, but if we want to make text visible, you may choose to click on each face letter, then the text Ctrl/Cmd+C (Copy), and then the letter Ctrl/Cmd+F + Shift (Shift) (Paste in Front).

The best thing about knowing how to create 3D text in Illustrator CS3 is that it will answer you how to create 3D text in Adobe After Effects.

How To Create 3D Text In Cinema 4D

Cinema 4D is a 3D animated text generator. So, here’s a quick list of how to create 3D text in Cinema 4D:

  • Create A Targeted 3D Text Font

A text object and an extrude object are one of the easiest ways to generate 3d text in Cinema 4D. In the Create menu > spline, you will locate the Text Object.

  • Create Extrude Object

Hold down and click on the “Extrude” button. Neat!

  • Drop The Text In Extrude Object

Drop the Text object as a child of an Extrude object (create>Generator>Extrude) to get a basic 3D text object running.

  • Adjust Type Settings

The fun part is coming now. Your text needs to be stylized.

  • Adjust Extrusion Settings

Go inside the Extrude object now that you have specified the type, where we may define those three-dimensional geometric parameters. The first major one is Extrude Object > Object > Motion. The Z value alters the extrusion’s depth and positive values push the extrusion further back into space.

You can follow the same steps for Photoscape 3D text.

Make Sure You How To Create 3D Text

3D texts are mesmerizing for your audience. They are in fashion and they will stay in fashion over the upcoming years. We hope that this article was sufficient enough to provide you details of how to make 3D text in Photoshop. You can follow the same steps for Blender 3D text. It is a fun technique worth knowing.

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