Fun Google Tricks You’ll Want to Try Immediately in 2021

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Google forever changed our lives, did it not? Furthermore, it is very difficult to imagine a future in which Google doesn’t exist. Sometimes search engine research can be very boring, so why not do these Google tricks to make it a little more amusing? You need to test out ten cool Google tricks immediately for keeping you entertained. 

You can play sports, spin your search page, challenge gravity, and more. Continue reading to find all the fun Google tricks that you never knew about.

1. Roll Your Search Engine Page Using Google Search Tricks

This is the perfect chance to impress your mates. You just have to search “Do a barrel roll” without quotation for getting Barrel Rolls Google home tricks and then you can see the google page rolls like a barrel. 

For the very first time the user attempts this trick, he might think that the search engine is not working properly.  Send your friends a Google tricks list like this and see their reaction.

google tricks

2. Tilt The Pages Using Funny Google Tricks

When anyone tries to search for something on Google, give them an askew link and notice the reaction. Askew/Tilt inclines the Google website, which will be surprised when the user first watches it. Try to see the reaction of your mates. You should try incredible fun Google tricks like askew. 

You can try these funny google tricks on your smartphone or PC. Google is packed with Google mini tips and tricks for fun.

google tricks

3. Save Your Search Result With The Tricks On Google

This is one of the best Google tips and tricks that will make you play a game. When you search for “Zerg Rush” many of the Os attack your search results from all directions and attack your search results. Try it, and say ” Will you be able to save your search results?” 

See the results of your Google page disappearing one by one with the fun Google tricks. The quest will lead you to a Google page on which the results are removed and dropped one by one. This is Starcraft’s perfect tribute.

google tricks

4. Speak Secret Language With The Google Translator Tricks

Tap at the top of your Google homepage and go to My Account. To find the language in the Data & Personalization section, scroll down. You can turn your language into a fun manner, such as Mupets, Elmer Fudd, Klingon, pirate, bork (Bork, bork!). You’ll find, for example, “moorr” rather than “more” with the last steps. Follow these steps to disable your Google Voice Address. Have fun with the Google translator tricks, isn’t it?

cool google tricks

5. Search For Images Using Cool Google Tricks

You can find any words on Google, you can even scan pictures, but do you know that you can search for any pictures on the internet using Cool Google tricks. When you want details on any picture, you can use these fun Google tricks. 

To do so – go to images in Google then click on the camera icon to upload and click on the search function. The photos you’ve uploaded to Google images would be identical.

cool google tricks

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6. Make Your Search Engine 1980s Arcade With Google Tricks

Google marked its 30th birthday with a fun in-browser version of the iconic classic PAC-MAN in May 2010. Now it also uses Google’s homepage as a fun way to celebrate other renowned birthdays and holidays. These Google home tricks can not be performed by Alexa.

Make Your Search Engine 1980s Arcade With Google Tricks

7. Boost Your Knowledge Graph With Google Tricks 2021

The ZDNet is a useful tip for screening through university research: first type “site:edu”, to restrict it to educational institutions. For instance: site:edu title: “American magazines” yields Harvard, Michigan University and more results. You can also use the same way to search the results of a particular website using Google search tricks.

google search tricks

8. Staying Vigilante & Stopping Crime With Google Search Tricks

Google can help child protection authorities clear the pornography Site for children with reverse image technology. How it works: Google indexes issue photos and searches for online copies, making it easier for Internet providers to decrease them. This one of the best Google searching tips and tricks

google tricks list

9. Google Tricks Are Better Philospher Than You Could Ever Be

Type “Answer to life, to the universe, and all,” and the response is very clear to Google: 42. The results of the quest are a node to Douglas Adams’ The Galaxy Guide, which notes that the number is the answer. It certainly knows a lot more if it knows the importance of life. And, weirdly, Google knows so much about you based on Google’s tricks list.

google tricks list

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10. Go Retro With Google Tricks 2021

Google home pages are not always the same as it appears today, Google’s home pages are made more straightforward and clean as opposed to the home page of google in 1998. 

You will see how Google looked in 1998 by searching ” Google in 1998 “. To access the older version and history of any website, you can use Google tricks list as the Wayback Machine to enter the URL on the website. Tell us what Google edition you liked.

google translator tricks

11. Aesthetic Game Screen Using Tricks On Google

The “Unable to connect to the Internet” message on Chrome is very frustrating. Fortunately, Google knows the pain and helps you to blow some steam off. Click on your keyboard’s space bar and the dinosaur starts a fun game. Or as much fun as you can until you know you’ve got a job to do. This is one of the most fun Google tricks

12. Improvise Punctuality By Google Tricks List

There are cool Google tricks to help you with this if you need to take time for an oral presentation, or maybe try to clean your kitchen in less than five minutes. Type “set a timer for x time” and a timer is pulled up at the top of the screen from the search engine.

google translator tricks

13. Remember Your IP Address With Google Mini Tips & Tricks

Your IP address is a special number string that specifies where your device is connected to the Internet. You don’t have to remember or save your IP address for future reference. You just need to have an Internet connection. Search “what’s my IP”. This is one of the most useful tricks on Google.

fun google tricks

14. Get Ready With Instant Tips Using Google Tricks 2021

If after inhaling your dinner you are in a coma and you cannot find out what 20 percent of your bill is, just type it in Google. Type “What’s the tip $x” and at the top of the screen, a calculator appears. You can change the percentage and even tell the number of people divided into the bill.

fun google tricks

15. Finish The Lyrics Of Your Favorite Songs

You only type the name of the song in the search bar if you have a song in your mind and cannot recall the next verse, and the text will come up at the end. You can enhance your music experience with useful Google tricks like this.

fun google tricks

Have Fun With These Google Tricks 2021

These fun tricks from Google will help you to improvise your search result experience and get details on many items, such as stock, travel, weather, and many others. So use these funny Google tricks when running your next Google quest. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some Google tricks?

  1. Barrel Roll
  2. Google Gravity
  3. Thanos

How to do google tricks?

You can do Google tricks by searching about the trick in the search bar. 

How to make google do cool tricks

You have to search for Google tricks in Google’s search bar for making Google do cool tricks. 

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