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In the era of digital technology and development of science and technology, people’s entertainment needs are therefore raised to new heights, they will have more rigorous and meticulous requirements in the use of technology equipment, specifically in this article is to configure entertainment gaming PC. Today’s gamers no longer choose in the same way as in previous years, due to the explosion of digital technology, here we are going to discuss some main parts of gaming PC by PCbuilder.net:



Mainboard, also known as Motherboard, is a device that plays a very important role in your system, because it is the middle of connecting other components, it will be very harmful if chosen incorrectly or this device is not valid.

Currently in the market, there are two units that are competing fiercely in the research and production of computer motherboards, namely Intel and AMD. In the blue team (Intel), the current motherboard lines for gaming PC configurations are divided by the symbols H (low), B (middle), Z (high), X (super high).



Considered as the “brain” of the machine, in gaming or working PC configurations, the CPU (also known as microprocessor) has a very important effect; it is in charge of information processing. On the machine, the more powerful the CPU, the smoother and faster the work will be. There are two important factors when choosing a CPU, that is, the number of threads, and the clock. Depending on the user’s finances and needs, choose the most suitable CPU.

For example, with the most popular screen resolution currently being Full HD, Online or Offline games on the market can all run smoothly with a 4-core CPU, please choose a CPU with at least 4 cores and clock speed as high as possible. In the CPU market for gaming PC configurations, of course, the competition of two names Intel and AMD, Intel with Pentium, i3, i5, i7, i9 codes, on the opposite side AMD has Athlon, Ryzen 3, Ryzen 5, Ryzen 7, and Ryzen 9.



RAM, also known as internal memory, has the effect of handling multi-tasking on the machine, for the easiest example, you just play games, just turn on YouTube to listen to music, while surfing Facebook, you will need Ram capacity. The bigger the better (minimum is 8GB, ideal according to low cost is 16GB), especially there are gamers who play swordplay games they will need a huge amount of RAM, maybe up to 64GB or 128GB of Ram to be able to log in to dozens or even hundreds of accounts at the same time.



The device that is most interested in gaming PC configuration systems, even if you are ignorant about components, you will see a lot or hear a lot about the effect of VGA in gaming, it is really important. Its importance is very great; it is in charge of image processing, thereby providing the frame displayed on your screen, roughly the more powerful the VGA, the better the game, this is a very familiar saying.

Currently, there are many VGA codes circulating on the market, with a familiar formula that the larger the number, the stronger, in the Nvidia team there are codes such as GT, GTX, RTX, with AMD is Radeon RX.

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