Best Voice Changer For Discord in 2021 (Updated List)

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Discord is one of the best game chat systems, and if you’re a player, you can use it every day. Discord provides speech and text messaging services and I know a lot of people using voice changers to change their voice when chatting about Discord. Some people do this for purposes of privacy, and some just for pleasure. Regardless of the motives, no one disputes the fact that voice changer for Discord is real fun.

Today, most online gamers use these resources to alter voices to stay anonymous on common streaming gaming sites such as Twitch. And when we reflect on Discord, in particular, these methods are a core aspect of chat apps such as Skype and Discord.

But these methods have also suffered a lot of violence, aside from the apparent merit listed above. Trolls tend to use it to threaten users online more frequently. In adult gaming talks, even small children have used this tool.

What Is Discord

Discord is a free program for voice and text correspondence for those who do not know. It’s for players. The program, for those who want to connect with communities, gives equal influence.

Discord discussions are carried out using the servers provided by Discord business. The bulk of servers contribute somehow to games, but you don’t simply chat and talk about gaming servers.

What Are Discord Voice Changers?

The Voice Changer means a program that can change a user’s voice’s pitch or sound. It can be used to store audio and share with other users on websites such as Discord, Skype, Steam, or Game Trolling via email or social communication. These applications have a basic GUI, which can be used in real-time for a large variety of effects.

When To Use Voice Changer?

Some people use voice changers when they feel like anonymizing them. Any trolls use them to annoy more intimidating individuals. Often children use voice changes to mask their ages so that without getting blocked they can go to 18+ game chats. Moreover, some people use free voice changer for Discord to hide their gender.

Best Voice Changer For Discord

In an attempt to excite consumers of these great applications for voice change, we will list some of the best voice change applications on the market today. We can give you the functionality they provide, the price you should use their services, and which tool is the right way to shift your voice to dispute based on your tastes.

1. Clownfish: Best Voice Changer For Discord

Clownfish is a very simple tool for voice change that not only works with a lot of disagreement but also with other chat applications like Skype or Steam. Clownfish voice changer for Discord works as a sound system that is system-wide, which means that it can run behind the scenes and change the audio from the microphone or any other line. 

Clownfish voice changer for Discord is quite simple and quick to set it up. The tool is generally compatible with all Windows versions. While we want it to have more sound features, it is still the best voice changer for Discord.

Key Features Of Clownfish Best Voice Changer For Discord:

  • In-built sound player to play various sounds
  • Text into speech transcript
  • Provides female voice changer for Discord
  • Control background sound activity

2. Voicemod: Best Free Voice Changer For Discord

Voicemod is a superb tool with an even more impressive list of voice filters. You can select from a variety of voice effects that can be both fun and practical. You could help Voicemod if you want your voice to sound like a robot. The tool is there to help if you want to add an impressive baritone.

The tool is superbly easy to use, works in real-time and is free on all Windows platforms. Although the software works for Discord, on Skype, Twitch, and other online chat and streaming platforms you can also use it. This is a great voice changer for Discord mac.

Key Features Of Voicemod:

  • Voice effect demos
  • Compatible with a wide variety of games
  • Free voice changer for Discord
  • Doesn’t require extra installation

3. VoiceMeeter: Best Girl Voice Changer For Discord

VoiceMeeter is an advanced user-focused tool. Some users know about audio mixing, one or two. You can choose this tool and create an audio effect that best suits your wishes if you are a person not satisfied with the voice effects offered by software such as Clownfish.

VoiceMeeter is not a child’s play, and only users with technical knowledge of audio-blending tools can use it. If complexity can be considered as a major drawback, it will be its most revered point of sale in creating a custom audio effect. The selling point of Voicemeter is that it got a female voice changer for Discord.

Key Features Of VoiceMeeter’s Good Voice Changer For Discord:

  • Easy installation
  • Free voice changer for Discord
  • Provides female voice changer for Discord
  • Supports almost every interface

3. MorphVox: Voice Changer For Discord Android

MorphVox has the potential to supply crisp sound audio output without adding a burden on the CPU like any of the other instruments on the list. The method can replicate your voice to generate perfect sound effects.

MorphVox voice changer for Discord also grows continually. MorphVox now provides MP3 playback, enhanced list management, and multiple users support as well as its normal features.

The method is fun to use as well. When you connect with your friends online, you can add background music that improves your online game experience.

Key Features Of MorphVox’s PC Voice Changer For Discord:

  • High-quality audio effects
  • Premium noise cancellation
  • Provide hotkeys for quick access
  • Works perfectly with online stream

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3. Voxal Voice Changer: Voice Changer For Discord Free

Voxal sells itself as the app for modifying or disguising your voice on just about any video game and chat site. This work is very pleasant. With an unrestricted choice for voice shifting, the tool attacks the users. Thanks to Voxal, in seconds you can sound like a kid, a boy, or a demon.

The change to speech is so extraordinary that the radio or podcasts retain anonymity for users. The best thing about Voxal could be the fact that no constant configurations are required for each program with its setup and configurations.

The universal use of the same settings will best be done and will work perfectly for macOS too. So, it is a nice voice changer for mac Discord.

Key Features Of Voxal Voice Changer App For Discord:

  • Voice changer for mac Discord
  • Real-time effects
  • Low CPU usage
  • Wide variety of sounds available

4. Voice Changer: Premium Free Voice Changer For Discord

Voice Changer is as fundamental as a mechanism for voice change. It has three easy choices for you. You can either upload an audio file and tweak it to your voice using a microphone or produce text expression.

Voice change instantly welcomes you on its welcome page with all sorts of voice effects. Stereotypical baby voices as well as females, popular films and animations, all vary in voice. This can be efficiently used during your video gaming sessions or an online chat with your friends. You can even use it as a girl voice changer for Discord.

Key Features Of This Best Free Voice Changer For Discord:

  • Upload feature
  • Microphone feature
  • Speech generator
  • Free demo

5. Voice Changer With Effects: Good Voice Changer For Discord

Now an application has been created exclusively for Android users. The tool is very easy to use and use as a voice changeover. You can cover your voice with a range of choices when incorporating pure fun effects.

The tool is filled with more than 40 voice effects. For chat apps on Android, the tool can function competently making it the best voice changer for Discord Android.

Key Features Of This PC Voice Changer For Discord:

  • Upload feature
  • Set ringtones by the sounds generated
  • Share feature for social media outreach
  • Text transcription feature

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6. Discord Voice Changer: Voice Changer For Discord Free

Discord Voice Changer defines itself as an entertainment app, and you can understand why with a look at its voice gallery. Discord Voice Changer displays a colossal voice gallery to cover your voice.

The options include a sound like an insect, an animal, or any of your favorite characters, like Yoda and Robocop. It uses a clean and integrated interface to help users find the sound effect they need. This is a nice voice changer for mac Discord.

Key Feature Of This Voice Changer For Discord mac:

  • Unlimited voice effects
  • Elegant user interface
  • Modify sounds
  • Real-time apply

7. AV Voice Changer: Voice Changer App For Discord

You can modify your voice in any way and make it completely unknown to your listeners. AV Voice Changer. Maybe you’ll sound like a human, a child or a robot whatever you like. The tool gives you a range of voice preferences and voice effects, which help you to create a single voice whenever you use this tool. This is a nice female voice changer for Discord.

Driven by virtual audio driver technology, the tool integrates with nearly all types of VoIP tools, and chat applications instantly. On Twitch, Discord, Skype, and other such platforms, you could use this tool.

Key Features Of AV Voice Changer App For Discord:

  • Voice editor
  • Create custom effects
  • File editor
  • Microphone recorder

8. Super Voice Editor: Good Voice Changer For Discord

Super Voice Editor is an intelligent voice editor that records and edits your voice to sound unacknowledged. It’s easy to edit the recorded voice and make it sound like a baby, a demon, or a famous superhero.

Besides the obvious achievement of this tool, the MP3 cutter and the audio editing tool are also masked. You can add voice effects to your uploaded audio and shorten your MP3 audio file.

The tool can also drastically modify your voice to make it sound more melodious and in-depth than usual. This is a good female voice changer for Discord.

Key Features Of Super-Voice Editor Voice Changer For Discord Free:

  • Voice recorder
  • Mp3 cutter
  • Audio tuner
  • Voice chat for applications

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Entertain Yourself With These Free Voice For Discord

Voice switches are enjoyable instruments, which interestingly enough have a pragmatic benefit. Back-end call center workers may use these resources to mask their voices, to help players remain private on streaming sites, and to help chat apps such as Discord and Skype.

Those apps can be a perfect way to waste time and surprise your friends online, even though you do not have any real need for them. With regards to our recommendations, you will find VoiceMod that is quite up to your satisfaction when looking for an online Voice Changer compatible through chat applications and gaming platforms. 

We suggest that you use Voxal Voice Changer if you want a platform that gives you strong audio and voice change feature with little CPU usage.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to use a voice modulator in Discord?

  1. Open voice modulator voice changer app.
  2. Download the Discord app and open it.
  3. At the bottom left side, you will find your user information.
  4. Go to voice & video on your App Settings section.
  5. Expand the Input Device list and select Microphone (Voicemod Virtual Audio Device (WDM).

What voice modulator doesn’t require a restart of the app and Discord?

Voicemod and Clownfish don’t require a restart of the app and Discord.

How to get a voice modulator on Discord?

Download any voice modulator software from their official website.

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