Top 30 Best Rainmeter Skin In 2021 (Updated List)

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Customizing the desktop has now become unbelievably common. As Windows OS offers nothing in customization, everybody needs a good fix to stylize their desktop. After all, it tells something about you in the way your desktop looks. It is akin to a subtle reflection of your likes and dislikes. This customization feat is accomplished by the best Rainmeter skins.

Rainmeter is an open-source app that enables you to place custom skins on a desktop to make your PC look awesome. Everybody can create something special and unique – your ingenuity and imagination are not limited to the best Rainmeter skins

So if you want to give your desktop a fresh look, we have collected a couple of amazing Deviantart Rainmeter skins worth downloading. You can find the best Rainmeter skins for gamers, Rainmeter clock skins, and Rainmeter widgets. So, go through this list of most awesome desktop personalization using Rainmeter setups.

A)Best Rain Meter Themes For Hardcore Gamers

1. Mass Effect: One Of The Coolest Rainmeter Skins

With a clever mass effect skin that panders to the eager game fans, the highly praised BioWare game franchising joins the Rainmeter realm. You can use various immersive modules on this top Rainmeter skin; for example, the control panel, the media replay, the network statistics graph, the hard disk panel, and the time and date bar, all of which can be re-arranged and pulled at will. 

Mass Effect’s Rainmeter skins for Windows 8 is free of cost, giving an immersive experience in the personalization.

best rainmeter skins

2. Monster Hunter: Most Badass One Among Skins For Rainmeter

If you’re a budding beast slayer, then Monster Hunter is one of those cool Rainmeter skins that will instantly hook you into its graphic beauty, with a bunch of customization options that offer quintessential desktop vibes. 

Monster Hunter’s Rainmeter skins for Windows 7 also work perfectly.

best rainmeter skins

3. Battlefield IV: High-Tech Name In Rainmeter Addons

A Rainmeter theme avatar resurrecting the massively successful game Battlefield, isn’t it fascinating? Users can insert their favorite shortcuts or applications in a matter of minutes by using a cool looking custom right sidebar.  

Also, a clock and a custom date widget with live weather updates can be shown on the desktop skins. Moreover, gamers can personalize their PC into a game console and achieve some cool visual effects that closely mimic the graphics of the Battlefield, making it a great Rainmeter skin free download.

best rainmeter skins

4. Eker Lina: A Subtle Example Of Minimal Rainmeter Skins

Does minimalism make a way of your life? You can like Eker Lina from the beginning. Eker Lina offers a clean and minimal look and many sub-modules which look like small widgets in a consistent design. You can simply change the subject all you want and you revel in unlimited customization.

Eker Lina is one of the best Rainmeter skins Windows 10 offering a minimal option in top Rainmeter skins. 

best rainmeter skins

5. Skyrim: Perfect Example Of Clean Rainmeter Skins

Skyrim is one of the best Rainmeter skins for gamers and has a comprehensive Rainmeter Suite of twelve exclusive themes. It provides three CPU utilization bars, three HDD skins, three skins in physical storage memory, 2 clock skins, and simple things such as shutdown, sleep option, and restart option. 

It also consists of Rainmeter clock skins and Rainmeter weather skins. This will make you believe that you, yourself are sitting in the Winterhold town.

best rainmeter skins

B) Best Rainmeter Skins For Movie Lovers

1. Batman: One Of The Most High-Performing Rainmeter Themes

DC fans will love this skin right from the beginning on the iconic Batman! Any lover of Batmen will be thundered by the sheer similarity to the aesthetics that this one of the best rainmeter skins has. Moreover, the widgets are tailored to the lines of classic Batman devices like the BatMobile.

rainmeter best skins

2. IronMan Jarvis: High Performing Jarvis Rainmeter Skins

To obtain a fully-powered machine J.A.R.V.I.S, you don’t have to be Tony Stark. However, you can re-position, configure several modules and feel like the crazy billionaire with the Iron Man Jarvis theme at the helm. 

Jarvis can view useful information for instance, including Clock/Date, Current Temperature, Hard Disk Power, RSS feeds, and system folder shortcuts that come out of the Iron Man arc reactor core center. However, if you love simple Rainmeter skins, then Jarvis is not your cup of tea.

rainmeter best skins

3. Tron Legacy: Download Rainmeter Skins Of Tron For Free

Insert the illustrious Tron Legacy Rainmeter skin into the fresh lifetime of your desktop, visually enticing and fascinating. The Legacy Rainmeter skin provides you with a customizable wallpaper and immersive widgets to stare on your screen until eternity.

rainmeter best skins

4. World War Z: One Of The Most Aesthetic Rainmeter Skins

World War Z film was a blockbuster and the version of the film’s Rainmeter skin isn’t any less than the best Rainmeter skins. Notwithstanding a minimal interface, World War Z will enhance your desktop with some cool animation effects.

rainmeter best skins

5. End Of The World: A Grim Reminder Of Destruction

End of the world is one of the best Rainmeter skins available. This will surely make you reimagine the famous 2013 flick, but in more grim and destructive fashion. The main wallpaper reimagines the aftermath of the Earth after a natural, climatic, or man-made apocalypse. If you love conspiracy theories, then End of the world’s Rainmeter skin is a lucid dream for you.  

rainmeter best skins

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C) Best Anime Rainmeter Skins

1. Green Lantern: Best Rainmeter Skins For Anime

Green Lantern is a must-have for comic fans and a theme for a superhero Rainmeter to the edge. The DC Comics is a complete reproduction of the iconic DC comic character in vision, esthetics, and history.

best rainmeter skins

2. Living Room Girls: Best Rainmeter Skins For Senpai Fans

Anime Rainmeter skins without a motif depicting anime girls who yell “Senpai” at the top of their lungs is useless. No matter how many exaggerations, Living Room Girls is one of the best Rainmeter skins for you if you want a cute layout riddled with some anime female figures.

best rainmeter skins

3. PILEUS Suite: Companion With Strange Vibe

To begin with, you can choose from an unequaled set of customization options, including the use of RAM, power status, device folders/disk partition shortcuts, time/day, and hard disk details. Indeed, there is also a light version of this subject that could make things very luminous.

best rainmeter skins

4. Alice Reworked: Sporting Tons Of Rainmeter Widgets

Alice Reworked skin has hundreds of widgets and props to display details in the form of tubes, tooltips, and gauges, in the epitome of an archetypal anime-Rainmeter style. You may also come across widgets like network operation, volume management, analog clock, weather, music players, uTorrent trackers, etc.

best rainmeter skins

5. Cipher: Top Rainmeter Skin For Artwork Inspired Folks

Inspired by Gravity Falls, Cipher is a crazy skin of the Rainmeter that cleverly incorporates modern icons into a mysterious old pad. Cipher shows the widgets in the center and other information, including the level of the battery, the files, the device storage, the downloads, and the notepad.

best rainmeter skins

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D) Best Rainmeter Skins For Space Lovers

1. ALIENS: One of Those Interactive Rainmeter Skins

A dazzling alien theme skin, ALIENS will make a difference in how a lot of visualization choices appear on your screen. You will achieve maximum snazziness in combination with the right wallpapers.

anime rainmeter skins

2. Galaxy Suite Rainmeter

Intrigued by the deep space it has to offer and the infinite galaxies? The Rainmeter from GALAXY Suite allows you to immerse yourself in wonderful space from your Windows desktop.

anime rainmeter skins

3. Neon Space: One Of The Best Rainmeter Skins With Holography

Flanked by a mixture of configurable modules, Neo Space transforms your desktop into a futuristic alien HUD spacecraft, which animate and glisten in neon-blue colors. 

In reality, the list of best Rainmeter skins with a host of dope holographic widgets, including CPU and RAM, scheduling, time and date, and current 3-day predicted weather, is among the most fascinating topics.

anime rainmeter skins

4. Moon Glow: Highly Interactive Rainmeter Weather Skins

Make your Windows Desktop with Moon Glow attractive and calming natural moon effects alive. You can also use your favorite notes on a live notification tray about the date, time, current temperatures, and weather conditions.

anime rainmeter skins

5. My Rainmeter Desktop

Even after playing the game, Hardcore StarCraft players who continue to stay in StarCraft have a strong excuse to chin in with My RainMeter Desktop.

This nifty Rainmeter skin, based on space imaging, comes charged with cool spacecraft and wallpapers as well as numerous informative substructures that are real in this omniverse.

anime rainmeter skins

E. Best Rainmeter Skins For General-Purpose

1. Enigma

The fact that Enigma is one of the most downloaded Rainmeter skins of all time will measure its sheet success. Better still, since it was founded Enigma has always been configured. Now you have time to configure Enigma and still can’t get enough of it.

best rainmeter skins

2. Before Dawn

Maybe the easiest skin for Rainmeter to set up Before Dawn doesn’t warrant a tweak. Simply install it and get ready to plunge into a sparkling set of splendid bars that span the width and length of your desktop. 

Moreover, in the form of widgets, such as current location, tempo, time & date, RSS feeds, and shortcuts to recently available programs and websites, Before dawn presents short information.

best rainmeter skins

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3. Senja Suite

If you are an amateur minimalist, you are surely going to enjoy Senja Suite, a mega clean layout that is all about the basics. Now don’t look at an overwhelming amount of widgets on your desktop. 

Senja Suite only displays the following widgets: Time, Managed media detail, Favorite photo slideshow, User Profile (with expandable toggle bar), and Reboot/Shutdown/Log off buttons.

best rainmeter skins

4. Razor

Touched by many as one of the best rain meters skins, Razor radically changes your desktop with translucent and cold glass effects. Set up a minimum wallpaper appropriate for the theme and all of you are set. 

It comes loaded with information wrapping subsets such as an adaptable dock, device libraries, power, and network strength status, weather combo, and the time and date header. It also contains the following information.

best rainmeter skins

5. Speed

Speed looks great with sleek wallpapers. Another snazzy addition to our list of the best skins with transparent and frosted glass effects. Almost all its sub-module have a consistent appearance and can be customized in various resolutions. 

Speed shows widgets like date and time, email count unread, network status, CPU/RAM consumption statuses, and weather forecast for three days.

best rainmeter skins

6. ABP

ABP is a sight to look at thanks to elegant submodules with minute drop shadows. The rectangular appearance of all its components is consistent with ABP’s appeal. 

From current media playback stats to slideshow of your favorite images and the current CPU/RAM consumption statistics on the front of widgets, this is one of the best Rainmeter skins to be displayed all over.

best rainmeter skins

7. LIM!T

Don’t complicated technological skins turn off easily? Give LIM!T a good length of time for this includes big clean fonts that provide loads of information through widgets like CPU and RAM usage statistics, date/time, current media playback, and weather stats.

best rainmeter skins

8. Elegance 2

Elegance 2 is designed for minimalist fetichists to emphasize vital device details using elegantly looked widgets. Elegance 2 will effortlessly blend into any desktop wallpaper with a strikingly lighted skin. 

It shows details via smartly built fonts and includes date & time widgets, stats for the use of CPU & RAM, media playback, control, and recycling bin.

best rainmeter skins

9. Rainworks

Rainwork is a nice collection of rich themes that have a fair share of simple or advanced styling choices, with 30 compact skins underneath it. The width and dropbox of each skin are different, even by clicking in the center of any active skin you may edit the layout or adjust the settings.

best rainmeter skins

10. Wisp

Very strange, Wisp’s sub-elements have no borders and therefore seem to have been handwritten on the screen. Wisp can build some very wonderful desktops with the right wallpaper, in which all widgets and modules are loudly detailed.

best rainmeter skins

Upgrade With Rainmeter Best Skins

All the mentioned Rainmeter skins lend a distinct elegance and customized appeal to your desktop if you are tired of the same old bland Windows OS layout. The best thing about Rainmeter skins is you could even mix two or more themes for making your desktop resemble exactly like your own character. 

Moreover, you are able to build unique widgets that represent the use of RAM, device setup, date/time, etc. by combining some rainmeter themes, producing an entirely new, custom skin.

Frequently Asked Question

Is Rainmeter safe?

Rainmeter has been tested for security using more than 50 antivirus software and as a result, it has no viruses at all. From these results, the Rainmeter is very safe if used on your laptop and computer.

Where are my Rainmeter skins saved?

A skin is stored as a named.ini text file e.g. SkinName.ini in its own named folder within Skins, as in Rainmeter\Skins\SkinFolder\SkinName.

How do I download Rainmeter skins?

  1. Automatically: If the skin is in the.rmskin format. In short: Double-click the.rmskin file, click Install.
  2. Manually: If the file is 7z archive. In short: Unzip the archive to the Rainmeter Skins folder.

How much ram does Rainmeter use?

Rainmeter uses about 35 MB.

Does Rainmeter slow down your pc?

It is unobtrusive and never slows the system down, even with the fair amount of animation from the meters. Rainmeter skins can be found on, the developer site where the compiled program and source code can be found, on DeviantArt, and

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