10 Best Podcast App For Android In 2021

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The best podcast app for Android pack a great deal of functionality, from downloading and organizing the latest episodes of your subscribed podcasts to managing your subscriptions automatically. Some also offer a wide range of listening resources and features.

While a few apps allow you to discover new podcasts – welcome when you find yourself unexpectedly searching for something to listen to, now that your time is longer. In the age of the Internet, podcasts seem to return as a main source of knowledge. It’s a perfect way to listen to experts discuss the subjects you’re looking for and finding good podcasts is pretty easy.

Also, you can find a lot of entertainment podcasts to share stories, jokes, and even documentary podcasts that dig deep into specific subjects. For any subject you might think of, you will find a podcast.

Best Podcast App For Android

It’s overwhelming to choose the right one for you with the many Podcast Applications on the Play Store. For you, a list of the best podcast app for Android is here to make your job a little easier:

1. Pocket Casts: Best Free Podcast App For Android

A hard call, but here we suggest Pocket Casts for the majority of people who are usually well respected: strong listeners, casual listeners, first-timers, teachers, grandparents, and so on. The app has a pleasant look and user interface with the main “Podcast” tab, which lists all your subscriptions as a pleasant scrolling wall of tiles.

You can easily collect and read, hear podcasts instantly without thinking too much about them, and everything wrong. In any app list of the best podcast app for Android free, Pocket Casts has used to be one of the most simple recommendations. It’s still an excellent podcast player, but not as fast as it used to be.

The app has a great interface, strong discovery, certain power user functionality, and even some customizing features such as themes. In its day, this was a premium app. However, it walked a little while ago to recommend your average listener because podcasts are usually free to listen to, and the creator charges monthly.

It is difficult to recommend it to your average listeners. If you live and breathe podcasts, it’s a lot, but if you just listen to the occasionally kept podcasts, you’ll have something served that costs little money every month.

Best Podcast App For Android

Key Features Of The Best Podcast App For Android:

  • Great material design
  • Huge amount of themes
  • Smart notifications
  • Chromecast feature

2. Spotify: Best Free Podcast App For Android 2021

Spotify, especially when your main music consumption app is, is a decent alternative to the Apple platform. Of course, Spotify is all the rage now in the podcast industry given that, as part of its goal to become an all-encompassing platform for all content, including podcasts, it has invested over $400 million in three companies over the past year. Spotify is the perfect answer for what is the best podcast app for Android?

The platform allows you to do everything you would like to do with a regular podcast app: Instead of subscribing, you can follow the favorite podcasts, tail episodes, and speed up playback. Spotify has recently started letting users build playlists from podcast episodes mixing music tracks and podcast episodes into the same playlists which could benefit people who are searching for collections to listen to over and over again.

The platform also offers editor-cured playlists for your lecture system, as opposed to music playlists usually produced by the company. The great value proposition here is all Spotify’s experiments. These playlists created by algorithms are, as they stand, very hit or missed, but the effort is appreciated and the company looks encouraged to work on the offerings.

Best Free Podcast App For Android

Key Features Of This Best Podcast App For Android Auto:

  • Music according to genre and mood
  • Download music
  • Chromecast supported
  • Available in a different language

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3. Castbox: Best Rated Podcast App For Android

CastBox is probably the most common application for listening to podcasts on Android, with more than 5 million downloads and a sweet 4.7 ranking. It does not only give you a large collection of over one million channels, with more than 50 million free streaming episodes in 70 languages but also provides a towing tool for almost all your podcasting features today.

It provides a user-friendly UI to reach everyone and allows you to import/export OPML from your favorite podcasts. It has all the replay controls you want, including a sleep timeout, a volume boost, and more, but my favorite is the ability to talk to other listeners right now. It is the best ad free podcast app for Android.

You can also continue listening between devices including an Alexa smartphone, Chromecast devices, and Android Auto-backed vehicles through CastBox to enable cloud synchronization. The app provides a boon for podcasters to record audio or upload episodes through the app (or desktop) without hosting charges. It is completely free! It is completely free!

Best Rated Podcast App For Android

Key Features Of This Best Podcast Listening App For Android:

  • Zen mode
  • Clean layout
  • Download podcasts
  • Customized playlist

4. Google Podcasts: Best App For Podcast On Android

With its very own podcast app, Google has gotten into the podcast game. If you’re owning a Google Home speaker with an Android phone, Google Podcasts is a must. And the redesigned software with an iOS update is now also available for iPhones. You can start a podcast on your phone while traveling by picking up the podcast on the smart speaker to pick up where you left when you got home.

Other features include the ability to change playback speed, integrate Google Assistant and add podcasts from Google searches directly to the app. Google will also be promising AI-driven features including automatically closed subtitles in the future. For now, a redesign highlights podcast exploration, which is focused on your tastes, with the Explore tab in the application featuring a section For you.

Google Podcasts is a Google app supporter and is below 300kb in size. It shows you at the top with subscriptions to your podcast, followed by downloads and several categorized exploration recommendations. It has a small player user interface with default buttons, speed control replay with the “trim silence” option, which is all about. This is the best podcast audio maker app for Android.

Best App For Podcast On Android

Key Features Of This Best Podcast App For Android Phones:

  • Skip over silences
  • Discover using Google assistant
  • Sleek user interface
  • Free podcasts

5. Stitcher: Top Podcast App For Android Phones

You must first register on the app to use Stitcher. Once you do so, at least one will have to be selected from a list of topics and sources for progress. Then the app shows you the corresponding feed. At any time you like, you can add more subjects later. A playlist may combine several channels or stations for continuous playback subsequently.

If you want to listen to some specific episode at a later time, you can add it to “Listen Later.” Although most popular features can be found in the free edition, if you purchase the paid version on the app, there are several additional features. If you go to the monthly plan and a two-month free trial with the annual plan, you get a one-month free trial.

Features in this edition include an ad-free experience, several bonus episodes, and numerous podcast series from the Stitcher Original. Stitcher is also a viable option that is successful with 5 million downloads. Stitcher is also very popular. Samples and even individual episodes can be quickly looked for. This is the best free podcast app for Android.

Also, you can make playlists, discover new podcasts, hear the news, etc. It provides a $4.99/month premium subscription package for commercials removed and initial Stitcher displays listened to. Although the UI might be a little rough, it is still an excellent tool to download and listen to podcasts on your computer.

Top Podcast App For Android Phones

Key Features Of This Best Podcast App For Android Free:

  • Smart speaker integration
  • Car mode
  • Ad-free shows
  • Premium UI

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6. Podcast Addict: The Best Podcast App For Android

Podcast Addict is one of the best Podcast applications for Android because it is free with most of the features you want from a successful podcast application. Searching for loads of podcasts, adding live radio stations in many languages, such as English and Spanish, or adding one using an RSS feed. It is the best free podcast app for Android 2021.

Podcast Addict also lets you import it into the application and play it directly from there if you have audiobooks on your computer. This makes listening to all useful audio files from a single application very easy. Also, you can import OPML files into the application while you are a recipient of RSS reader feeds.

There is a ‘Discovery’ segment that classifies trendy, modern, top audio, and top video podcast outlets. I would recommend that you see this segment first if you’re new to podcasts. Some of the other places you can get started with are “Browse Podcast Routes.” There is a list of the most common channels from which you can browse and a selection of “Podcast Proposals.”

The Best Podcast App For Android

Key Features Of This Best Podcast App For Android Auto:

  • Radio feature
  • Soundcloud channels
  • Wide variety of episodes
  • Free and unrestricted

7. Player FM: Best Rated Podcast App For Android

You can start your podcast listening experience with Player FM by selecting a few themes that are of interest to you. You can pick a few by now, as they can subsequently be modified. The podcasts are set to be downloaded automatically by default. You can change it in the app settings if you like.

Different podcasts may be discovered based on common topics or filters. If you like a podcast by its name, you can mark it as “Play Later,” but you don’t have enough time to hear it. You can add additional URLs or OPML files to your computer via RSS feed in addition to the podcasts provided by the app.

Also, during playback, you can describe headphone behavior. You can choose from various topics, such as classic, dark and black, to make the app more interesting. Player FM, as a whole, is the best ad free podcast app for Android.

Best Rated Podcast App For Android

Key Features Of This Best Podcast Listening App For Android:

  • Seamless cloud sync
  • Offline podcasts
  • Sleep timer
  • Bookmarks

8. Podbean: Best App For Podcast On Android

Last but not least, we have Podbean, which is a common non-mainstream feature that can be downloaded at 5 million on Google Play. Although this app has space and bandwidth limitations in its free version, it’s really easy and usable. Depending on how easy you find it, you may be interested in its paid edition.

You can play several hundred podcasts and even record episodes like other applications on this list, which is uncommon. It helps you to play episodes. This is a good summary of the best podcast apps your smartphone has. While we have many options, my personal favorite Spotify offers you both a premium music experience and a premium podcast experience as a single-stop shop for your audio needs including both music and podcasts.

And if the paid subscription is out of your monthly budget, it does have a (sort of a limited) free edition too. If not, a link between Google Podcasts and Pocket Casts is the second-best choice in this list. Podbean is a very common and functioning podcast app. It features a metric number of podcasts in different categories. As you wish, you can sign up, stream, download, and listen.

The device also includes lock screen functions, different audio effects, Chromecast support, Android car support, and Amazon Alexa integration. This means that almost anywhere you can use it. A few Google Play reviewers had some bones to choose from, but during our tests, we couldn’t see anything awful in this best podcast audio maker app for Android.

Best App For Podcast On Android

Key Features Of This Best Podcast App For Android:

  • Download podcasts
  • Integrated Amazon Alexa
  • Volume booster
  • Classic audiobooks for free

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9. TuneVu: Best Podcast App For Android Phones

While TuneVu might not be the fully-featured Android podcast app, you can rely on it to improve the listening experience of your podcast. The app has a great podcast collection to fit a wide range of tastes. You will explore and subscribe to the entire library which you find interesting. It ensures a breeze of navigation with a clear and clean interface.

The great handy media player that allows you to settle pace and go forward and backward easily is what we like about this Podcast App. It provides hassle-free management of podcasts with many easy-to-use tools. The inclusion of trivia which brings a lot of fun into the combination is another feature worth noting.

Not only that, surveys and reviews from a consumer point of view are equally appreciable. Also, TuneVu provides timely updates so that no episodes are missed. This is the perfect answer for what is the best podcast app for Android?

Best Podcast App For Android

Key Features Of This Best Free Podcast App For Android:

  • Visual podcasts
  • Variable speed
  • Easy navigation
  • Categories finder

10. Hubhopper: Best Podcast App For Android Free

Although all the above-mentioned podcast apps give you the possibility to listen to more Indian creators and the content they have available with a vast selection of podcasts from all over the world. Well, the Hubhopper app hopes to offer the same thing and boasts the biggest publisher and best podcast listening app for Android in India.

Hubhopper has a simple and friendly exploration user interface, with buttons for accessing various feeds, followed by all their Indian contents spread up and down. You will find, as you scroll through the app, that a lot of Indian content and prominent podcast publishers are available here.

The user interface is clean and plain, but playback speed and other basic features are missing. One of the highlights of this podcast application is that it is not only a podcast app, it also offers links to bite-sized news stories and trend contents in a feed from the bottom of the navigation bar.

Best Podcast App For Android

Key Features Of This Best Free Podcast App For Android 2021:

  • Hindi podcasts
  • Wide range of categories
  • Dark theme available
  • Sleek UI

Uplift Your Traveling Experience With Best Podcast App For Android

In the age of the Internet, podcasts became the main source of knowledge collection. It’s a great way to learn from the experts you care about and finding good podcasts is pretty easy. Podcasts are increasing in demand repeatedly. The best Android Podcast app is thought of by more people.

Podcasts play a key role in filling your time with news, profound telling of stories, comedy shows, and much more. There are many podcasts in the market. So, choose the best podcast for Android according to your needs and likes.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I get podcasts on Android?

You can download podcast applications for getting podcasts on Android.

  • What is the Android equivalent of the podcast?

There are many applications like Google podcast, Player FM that are the Android equivalent of the podcast.

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