Best Online Share Trading Platforms in Australia: A Comprehensive Guide!

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With the interest growing, it’s no surprise that there are a number of wealth management and fintech companies offering share trading platforms, giving every Aussie the chance to take control of their wealth. While some of these platforms are free to use, others require a fee to trade. This can be confusing for newbie share traders who might like to test the waters first before working with an actual broker.

There’s no doubt that 2018 was a significant year in the history of share trading. After all, IPO activity more than doubled (221 IPOs in 2017 versus 561 IPOs in 2018), and the ASX 200 hit an all-time high of 7,869 points in November 2018. While growth and activity have both slowed down somewhat since then, it’s clear that Australians are increasingly taking an interest not only in this potential source of wealth but also in how to invest profitably.

So are you hoping to make it big-time like the likes of Warren Buffet, or just looking to grow your retirement savings? Either way, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for with these top online share trading platforms in Australia. Here, we’ve listed a few of the market leaders:

Best Online Share Trading Platforms in Australia:

CMC Markets Invest

CMC Markets is the best trading platform Australia that offers ASX CHESS-sponsored direct access to global equity market centres

CMC Markets Invest opens access to global share-trading opportunities. Investors can invest in global equities directly through ASX CHESS-sponsored share trading, and borrow shares for profit or protection. Best of all, no inactivity fee or account fees are required for CMC Markets Invest Basic Account. It is suitable for new investors, as well as advanced traders who require a professional service but prefer DIY trading.

 Superhero share trading

Superhero share trading is a mobile platform for users to trade Australia’s Open List stock market in real-time. It is the easiest way for beginners to invest in Australia’s share market and provide a service for those with less knowledge of how it works.

Whether you are a seasoned trader or are new to investing, Superhero wants to help give you the best chance at winning your desired investment goals.

Enter with an open mind and enjoy sharing in your communities excellence as you begin your journey towards financial independence.

eToro (global stocks)

eToro is the world’s most popular social trading platform. With a cutting-edge and well-established trading platform that allows users to imitate the trades made by other popular traders, it’s a top choice for US stocks. It offers low brokerage fees, a low currency conversion rate, and well-respected social trading features.

It also launched US share trading in Australia in 2020, making it one of the first companies to do so.

SelfWealth (Basic account)

SelfWealth is an online stock and portfolio management tool that makes the complex daily work of investing. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, SelfWealth gives you the tools to make better investment decisions.

The main features: – Simplified stock and portfolio analysis – Simple stock selection for direct access to ASX listed securities – Real-time trades, market data updates & alerts – Cost-effective brokerage fee for CHESS-sponsored ASX shares.

Interactive Brokers Australia

Interactive Brokers Australia is the best trading platform in Australia where you canl find all the daily Australian FTSE and ASX market data completely adaptable to your home computer. You can choose from technical indicators for stocks, indices, currency pairs, and Forex markets.

The Global Account Fee in Australia is $0 when you deposit US Dollars from a US bank account, which is expected to be announced within one week of this announcement.

Final Words:

Ultimately, the platform that you choose should be one that offers an objective opinion. After all, it’s your money that you’re trading and you need to make sure that you trust your broker.

No matter how busy you are, a great mobile trading app can help you get the information you need to manage your finances. For this, you need a successful mobile app development company that blends investment research with mobile development to give you the best experience.

And because we’re an in-house experienced mobile app development company, we aim to help people make a suitable app that has all they’ll ever need. Reach out to Mobcoder today to make your investment journey m

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