10 Best Live Wallpaper Windows 10 In 2021 ( Updated )

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You can customize your Windows 10 PC for yourself and give it a unique look in several ways. You can do a lot to make your Windows 10 PC a representation of your personality and desires from external modifications such as skins, stickers, and best live wallpaper Windows 10 to your desktop using widgets and docks.

You can easily change your desktop wallpaper and there is a range of websites that feature fresh wallpapers that you can use for changing your desktop wallpaper. But you can customize your Windows in a better way by using live wallpaper for Windows 10.

So, let us walk through the alley of boring in-built wallpapers of Windows 10, to reach the freshness of live windows 10 wallpaper:

Best Windows 10 Live Wallpaper

Going forward in this article, we will be discussing free live wallpaper Windows 10 and live desktop wallpaper Windows 10 for customizing your computing experience even more:

1. Wallpaper Engine: Best PC Live Wallpaper Windows 10

Let’s start with Wallpaper Engine, a program that possibly provides the best PC live wallpaper Windows 10. The software provides several choices for your choice, including different graphics, videos and allows you to use your live wallpaper to pin an application or a specific website.

The wallpaper engine supports many of the most popular looks ratios of 16:9, 219:9,16:10, and 4:3, meaning that even though you’re running an ultra-wide monitor or multi-controller, you can run live wallpapers Windows 10 free.

The only reason you should try Wallpaper Engine is that it contains an element that stops wallpapers during games, so live wallpapers do not hurt the output of your machine. Finally, there is another fantastic feature, making Wallpaper Engine an amazing purchase that enables you, with the Wallpaper Engine Editor, to create your custom live wallpaper.

2. Lively Wallpaper: Desktop Live Wallpaper Windows 10 Worth Trying

Almost everybody knows about the Wallpaper Engine when it comes to live desktop wallpaper for Windows 10. But the only pay offering disregards the use of the app for many users. Lively wallpaper provides Live backgrounds Windows 10.

Lively Wallpaper is, besides that, a fantastic open-source project. Full of applications, such as digital wallpaper, background audio visualizers, video wallpaper, and more. Moreover, when a game is started or a full-screen application is executed, Lively Wallpaper immediately pauses the wallpaper. Consider using Lively Wallpaper if you want to try live wallpaper Windows 10 free download.

What we like more is that it also brings support for multi-monitor setups, HiDPI resolution. All in all, except the live wallpaper editor, you have all of the critical features. I’d say, Lively Wallpapers is a free alternative to wallpaper Engines for the vast majority of users.

3. Rain Wallpaper: Live Window 10 Wallpaper PC

This Windows 10 live wallpaper software is just like the Wallpaper Engine where you can use websites, videos, and wallpapers supporting mouse interactions on your Windows 10 PC as live Wallpapers. Rain wallpapers also provide Windows 10 live backgrounds.

RainWallpaper also has minimum CPU and RAM use, so that live wallpaper doesn’t have a great impact on your machine’s productivity. This is a great live wallpaper Windows 10 download.

Furthermore, RainWallpaper also provides the ability to pause the live wallpaper while a game or full-screen applications are running, to avoid any effects on your system’s output. The app includes an integrated wallpaper editor, which allows you to design your live wallpapers, as well as a function to create a new Live Wallpaper using static pictures.

4. DeskScapes: Artistic Windows 10 Live Wallpaper

DeskScapes is another great live wallpaper for Windows 10 to create and tailor live wallpapers. The app not only contains a bunch of wallpapers that you can choose from but also enables you to personalize your desktop using your own WMV files.

The application has over 40 exclusive effects, including multiple colour effects that act like filters on Instagram, to customise your free Windows 10 live wallpaper. DeskScapes lets you refine your current wallpapers, accept changes in colours for the entire image, or pick colours for any frame.

DeskScapes also supports various resolutions and features multi-monitor support to ensure that the wallpapers match your setup. The app is very intuitive and functional and allows you to create a live, animated wallpaper with ease. The demo shows how your screen looks exactly like the wallpaper.

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5. WinDynamicDesktop: Inventive Live Windows 10 Wallpaper

WinDynamicDesktop is a simple live desktop wallpaper Windows 10 with minimal, but exciting new table add-ons. This app offers a wide variety of customizable Wallpaper macOS for Windows 10. You can easily download the dynamic wallpaper pack and add the live wallpaper in seconds. Nothing needs to be set up or tweaked. They have introduced new and cool live wallpapers for macOS users. Live wallpapers are very difficult to find on macOS platform. But thanks to WinDynamic.

Furthermore, WinDynamicDesktop is located in the device tray and updates the history on your position time and day. We may claim it is completely fantastic and very accurate, its location-based customisation. In conclusion, WinDynamicDesktop is the one which you want to find in an application which is not resource-hungry and offers many great live wallpapers for PC.

6. Waifu: Best Live Wallpaper Windows 10 Download For Gaming

We will highly recommend you to head over to Waifu if you’re looking for live gaming wallpapers for PC. It is a website with many live wallpapers, some of which are very unbelievable. It has no own app for implementing live wallpapers, but it can set the dynamical backdrop with Wallpaper Engine or Lively Wallpaper.

We reviewed the Waifu downloaded gaming wallpapers on Lively and performed very well without problems with incompatibility. We’d say, go on to search your website to find the latest PC live wallpaper Windows 10.

7. MyLiveWallpaper: Enticing Live Desktop Wallpaper For Windows 10

If you search for a special portal where you can find the best live wallpapers for Windows 10, then you can go to MyLiveWallpapers. Like Waifu, it has a wide variety of categories, but the website has some nice live Anime wallpapers in Anime.

You’ve got all your favourite characters free to download from Tenki to Tanjiro Kamado. The best thing is for MyLiveWallpaper to use live wallpapers with its own apps, MLWapp. This is a great live wallpaper Windows 10 free.

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8. Widget Launcher: Highly Rated Desktop Live Wallpaper Windows 10

You should try Widgets Launcher if none of the above live wallpaper Windows 10 free download fulfill your artistic imagination. This new-age app is Widget Launcher’s redesigned version and comes with several widgets and skins. Use this awesome app to boost your windows desktop screen.

You can change the colour and appearance of your widgets with its infinite, customised features. You also get 2 additional skin choices, apart from other preset widget options. The only drawback for this user-friendly programme is that it does not use transparent devices and needs to be positioned correctly on your screen in order to prevent confusion.

9. Push Wallpapers: An Igneous Windows 10 Live Wallpaper

Next to our list of PC live wallpaper Windows 10 for free download in this amazing software part. It provides a wide variety of completely executable wallpapers. It works without problems. Use it to create wallpapers live and video. Besides that, you can add your desktop screen with a video of your choosing.

Access a broad range of three-dimensional themed themes, 3D, windy desktops, snowy desktops, 3D Hyperspace, Soft Shines and more. It does not hit the system’s resources and is not a resource-hungry programme. You can also set the speed in 3D wallpapers for moving the particles. Only install the package and leave the rest of the programme unforgettable. It is one of the best live desktop wallpaper for Windows 10.

10. Sim Aquarium 3: Great Live Wallpaper Windows 10 Free Download

There’s no better option than Sim Aquarium 3, which you are looking for a fascinating 3-drive wallpaper for your Windows 10 unit. For the free download of the PC and 3D screens, users like this live motion wallpaper.

The freeware allows you to add audio to your live wallpaper. It is able to produce natural fish with its arial environment. The Sim Aquarium 3 comes with 30 different designs of fish in different ways along with 3D coral reefs. In addition to this, the wallpaper can also be adapted to different effects like bubbles, sound effects, soundscape, luminous surface water etc.

Enjoy living coral reefs with this best and free live wallpaper for Windows 10 at your desktop.

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How To Use Animated GIFs As Live Wallpapers

You can use Plastuer software if you don’t seem to like one of these options and want to use an animated GIF as a live wallpaper under Windows 10. (Check Out). It helps you to configure your wallpaper with GIFs, videos and HTML5 sites.

1. Unpack plastuer and double click on executable plastuer. 1. Tap the display you want the live wallpaper to use.

Best Live Wallpaper Windows 10

2. Then press the button ‘Browse Gallery’ to pick a live wallpaper from the next line. However, you can press ‘Select File’ to use your own GIF.

Best Live Wallpaper Windows 10

3. Pick any GIF from the gallery you want and select on the next screen a Wallpaper suit. If the centred wallpaper is used, the background colour for the live wallpaper can also be selected.

Best Live Wallpaper Windows 10

4. You must now apply your GIF to your desktop. Good luck! In order to use a free app, we would recommend Video HTML Animator by Bionix to set GIFs as your live wallpaper (Check Out). It is not as rich as Plasteur, but it is very confident and is good at doing the job. The app still runs on Windows 10 though its production stopped in 2018, so you can certainly try it on your PC.

How To Use Video As Live Wallpapers

You can use one of the famous VLC tricks to use a video as your live wallpaper. You can set dynamic wallpaper on your Windows 10 device using the VLC media player and its Wallpaper tool. You must take these steps to do this:

1. Open your VLC media player video file that you want to use as a wallpaper.

2. In the toolbar click on the Video tab and choose from the drop-down menu the ‘Set as Wallpaper’ tab.

Yeah, that’s that simple! If you want to use the same video time and time again, make sure that you turn on the VLC Loop feature. Only by putting multiple videos in a VLC playlist are live wallpapers.

Please Note: this approach is not the most suitable way of installing Live Wallpapers on Windows 10. Even the VLC visualizer can be used as your wallpaper to fit to the music that you play.

Live Wallpaper Windows 10

Gear Up Your Desktop Using The Live Wallpaper Windows 10

You can rundown the list of best live wallpapers of Windows 10 and customize your desktop according to your personna. It’d be fun if your desktop wallpaper speaks about your personality. Window 10 provides many options for customisation, to make your desktop more personalised. Some of the common tweaks are to change it using skins and stickers and to add different widgets and a desktop wallpaper.

You can choose a website that can support you with the narrow and beautiful wallpapers of your computer if you want to have the versatility of adding living wallpaper to your Windows 10 device.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to set live wallpaper windows 10?

We have mentioned the steps of adding live wallpaper to Windows 10 in the given article.

  • Can Windows 10 have live wallpapers?

Yes, Windows 10 do have the live wallpapers

  • Are live wallpapers bad for PC?

Yes, live wallpapers do take CPU usage. If you have a PC of lower RAM or low-end specs, then you should definitely avoid live wallpapers.

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