15 Best iTunes Alternatives You Can Use (2021)

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iTunes is certainly a popular and high-quality website to access music, TVs, movies, and so on. However, more and more iPhone users or iPad/iPod users in recent years are beginning to look for an iTunes alternative. The defects of iTunes stand out as technology is created. It takes time to synchronize, secure, and restore and is not easy to use.

iTunes has long been obsolete for Windows users, although the hate affair no longer exists for macOS customers. Before Apple was thrown off its long synching, it had caused users to scan iTunes alternatives to Windows and Mac computers to intermittent backup operations and system compatibility problems.

In this article, we will be discussing the best iTunes alternative that you could download and enjoy the vibe of endless music at just one tap. Let’s start this article, curated by the feeling that your heart produces when you listen to your favorite tracks:

Best iTunes Alternatives 2021

1. WALTR 2: Best Alternative To iTunes

WALTR 2 is our favorite alternative to iTunes. Although this software is not inexpensive, it is very comfortable and efficient. You can attach it to your iPhone via cables or Wi-Fi with WALTR 2. It is as fast as AirDrop and transfers music and images into seconds with a Wi-Fi link. It takes minutes to switch even large video files from my Mac to my iPhone. We also liked WALTR 2 supporting any file we generally pass.

WALTR 2 automatically recognizes the files that we send and drives them on to native Apple apps, regardless of songs, images, PDFs, ePub, or audiobooks. Thus, you can find it in the Videos app if you receive or send a file. This means you don’t need to listen to my music or watch videos with third-party apps. Any WALTR 2 file is considered to be a native file. WALTR 2 is valuable for this function alone.

WALTR 2 is the app you want to conveniently migrate files between your desktop and iOS devices because it includes every foundation to be a remarkable alternative to iTunes.

Key Features Of This iTunes Alternative Windows:

  • Sleek UI
  • Supports a wide variety of file formats
  • Faster data transfer
  • Available with the free trial

2. MusicBee: Remarkable iTunes Alternative For iPod

MusicBee iTunes alternative is one of the best apps to handle your music when you don’t want to manage files and only want a player that will allow you to manage your music. MusicBee facilitates the management, finding, and playback of your computer music files. The Windows PC and iOS devices are easy to synchronize your audio.

Not only that, but MusicBee is also involved with podcasts, web stations, and even with the incorporation of SoundCloud. Music on MusicBee is enjoyable since it does not only has an extremely simple and intuitive user interface but also offers several features to improve your listening experience.

MusicBee iTunes alternative provides a 15-band equalizer that allows you to change your test settings. Other features of this application include logarithmic volume scale, gapless playback, WinAmp Plugins support, theme support, etc.

Key Features Of This Alternative For iTunes:

  • Provides web-radio
  • In-built SoundCloud integration
  • Handy equalizer
  • Great volume scaling

3. Vox Media Player: Free iTunes Alternative

If you are a Mac user, see the Vox Media Player for an easy and feature-rich music player to replace. The software supports many audio formats as one of its best stuff. This software not only supports the MP3 and MP4 media format but also supports other formats such as FLAC, CUE, APE, and M4A.

Vox supports both the Music library and the Tunes. It supports streaming music via SoundCloud, YouTube, and over 30,000+ internet radio stations. The software also features gapless playback, enhanced stereo, a bass audio engine, cloud storage for all of your music, and more. Putting all in the right light, Vox Media Player is a top alternative to iTunes for Mac.

Key Features Of This iTunes Alternative Charts:

  • Supports a wide range of file formats
  • Integrates personal music library
  • Web radio stations available
  • Supports YouTube

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4. WinX MediaTrans: Alternative To iTunes For Windows

If you’re a Windows user searching for a true iTunes alternative that can quickly move your computer, iPhones, and iPads from music, images, videos, and files, that’s the app for you. The app provides automatic photo backup, two-way music transfer management, video transfers, book organizers, ringtone manufacturers, and other features.

It helps you to encrypt your picture and video collection, one of the most favorite features of this app. The app is also easy to use and doesn’t give any attention. Just install it, and you’re good to go on your computer. WinX is made entirely for windows, but only you can use it as an Android iTunes alternative.

Moreover, the app does not even need the installation and independence of iTunes on your device. If you have to handle your PC and iPhone media and archives, this software will provide you with all the important features that are to qualify for Windows as a great iTunes alternative.

Key Features Of This Software Which Is Better Than iTunes:

  • Quick file transfer
  • Encrypted mode
  • Clean UI
  • No extra installations needed

5. TunesGo: Remarkable Alternative To iTunes

TunesGo is a fantastic part of Wondershare’s software that aims to provide your iOS computer and iTunes library with an effective and versatile content management tool. The tool is designed and enhanced given all the shortcomings of Apple’s iTunes, making it iTunes alternative windows.

Since iTunes has now canceled the convenient design of TunesGo and has additional features which were not available on iTunes, this software will replace Mac and PC for iTunes.

The nice and intuitive interface of TunesGo allows you to easily use while also allowing you to backup files that iCloud would not back up – music you bought or downloaded from other sources.

Key Features Of This Software That Is Just Like MusicBee iTunes Alternative:

  • Straightforward method
  • Restores media files
  • Auto-optimization feature
  • Daily backups

6. DearMob iPhone Manager: Free iTunes Alternative

DearMob iPhone Manager is a comprehensive tool for easy management of media and music, for file transfer between computers and iOS devices, for automatic backups, for complete security, and for encrypting your data. You can do it with DearMob with anything you can do with iTunes. It is the best alternative to iTunes.

It keeps the user interface easy and intuitive while the app is feature-rich somehow. The way it can handle your pictures is the best feature of the app. Not only can I switch photographs between computers, but I can also manage and remove pictures and albums and preview and convert HEIC pictures by way of a super-fast approach.

It also offers a functional audio control service that makes managing your song very easy. In the end, Windows and macOS systems are available, so you’re good to go no matter which system you use.

Key Features Of This iTunes Alternative For iPod:

  • East to transfer files
  • Encryption for security
  • Professional audio management
  • Converts photos

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7. Musique: Sleek Alternative For iTunes

Musique is a music player not sucking for your Mac. Not only the app offers a tidy, easy-to-use user interface but is also very nice and rich in features. We preferred feature of the app is its integrated lyrics finder that extracts text from any song you play. We like the way this application organizes the music in a beautiful tiled mosaic view across artists and albums.

You would like to see pictures and album covers from my favorite artists. It has the folder structure of the album, which displays the music exactly as you arranged it, one unique feature of this application.

If you’re searching for an easy and strong player as an alternative to iTunes for windows, this is the one, and since it’s free, you shouldn’t look out for it.

Key Features Of Windows iTunes Alternative:

  • Elegant UI
  • Lyrics finder
  • Powerful equalizer
  • Sorts music according to the artists and genre

8. SwinSian: Android iTunes Alternative

Swinsian is another Mac music player that works perfectly even on Android. The app offers superb features including large format support, folder monitoring, advanced tag editing, duplicate finder, and intelligent playlist support, and more. The application is insane and quick and never lags regardless of the size of your library. It also provides a very personalized interface that can be modified to meet your needs.

You’d be happy to use your mini window or widget to monitor music playback. You will also enjoy the fact that you can import your entire music library from iTunes with one click if it is switched from iTunes. In general, you would like this app very much and recommend it for anyone searching for a simple music player as an iTunes alternative.

Key Features Of This iTunes Alternative Charts:

  • Wide-format support
  • Folder viewing
  • Import function for personal music library
  • Tag editing for filtering according to genres

9. AnyTrans: iTunes Alternative Windows

Acting as an alternative to iTunes on the list, AnyTrans does more than iTunes. This tool lets you switch music in two ways without restrictions between the iTunes library and iPhone/iPad. More than a switch, AnyTrans is also an all-in-one content administrator that directly and independently manages and organizes your iTunes library and iPhone songs.

Even without the iTunes launch you can quickly add, remove or export any particular track in your iPhone playlist. One of AnyTrans’ best things is that, while your machine has been crashed or purchased, you can still restore your iTunes library. No more boring moves, simply build back your iTunes library.

One of your favorite things about AnyTrans is, while your machine crashed or bought a new one, you can also restore your iTunes library. You can only rebuild your iTunes Library with just a few steps to recover every song and playlist on your iPhone, iPad. No more tedious steps are needed.

Better still, redundant material is automatically often removed, and original music metadata such as artworks, play counts, and grading are reserved simultaneously. AnyTrans is also an ideal iTunes option for managing and organizing songs. It is also a single-stop solution, which helps to organize, move and store all your key products in a convenient location.

Key Features Of This iTunes Alternative For iPod:

  • Easy file transfer
  • 1-click export
  • Set any song as a ringtone
  • File import and sync

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10. iMazing: Windows iTunes Alternative

iMazing is another fantastic option for iTunes on the market. It is specifically designed for iOS users, as the name implies. That said, it is clear to all how iTunes is no longer the perfect tool to manage your Apple devices – in fact, after upgrading to macOS 10.15, iTunes is not even available on your Mac. Many citizens are now searching for alternatives. One of the great things about iMazing is that you’ll be able to do what iTunes does more easily and simply.

We can tell you that this is the way to go if you are looking for anything that fits well. iMazing is amazing and provides plenty of cool features such as automatic wireless backups. Below are some more items which are good for this software solution. iMazing gives you complete power and management of your Apple devices as you want.

Moreover, it was simple and enjoyable to use this app too. Although I was first confused, I managed to find and use it as it should. My only problem is that for an average user it seems a little complicated, but it will take only the first minutes to get the impression.

Key Features Of This Alternative To iTunes For Windows:

  • Provides troubleshooting option
  • Wide-variety of formats
  • Restore backups
  • Download iOS apps

11. Dr. Fone: Great Windows iTunes Alternative

I not only use iTunes to replay music, but also use it to create backups, permanently remove information on your iPhone, and more, Dr.fone is the answer you need. The app provides a lot of features including backups, iPhone reset, iPhone recovery, data deletion from your device, files, messages, and contacts between your device and iPhone, and more.

The ability to run repairing scripts is one of my favorite features. This free iTunes alternative fixes regular bugs and iOS issues quickly, including “boot-stop,” “Recuperation mode loops” and more. Although this app for data recovery costs quite a penny, it is good for users who want to experiment with their iPhones.

Key Features Of Best Alternative To iTunes:

  • Easy to backup
  • Easy to restore
  • Recovery possible
  • Customize recovery scripts

12. Fidelia: Overwhelming Alternative For iTunes

Fidelia is the app for you if you love and want to hear your music as highly as possible on iTunes alternative charts. Fidelia is a high-definition audio player for Mac for people who have never heard of this program before. This software supports all contemporary audio file formats and an elegant, music-focused GUI.

The app offers users the power and independence to organize, customize and enjoy the highest possible fidelity to their digital music collection. It also provides a comprehensive range of audio equalizers, compressors, CanOpener headphone modelers, 64-bit plug-in supports, and more. Fidelia brings a player for audiophiles, unlike iTunes which just gets the job done.

Key Features Of This Software Better Than iTunes:

  • HQ music
  • HD audio player
  • Supports 64-bit plugins
  • Supports all form of files

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13. Clementine: Free iTunes Alternative

If you want a music player to support a large platform, look only at Clementine, as it is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux. While there are helpful features such as advanced marking and mobile device support, it isn’t the most rewarding music player accessible.

It has one of the least appealing user interfaces in the freebies category, but if you can overcome this minor complaint, then we see no reason why it cannot be replaced by iTunes.

Clementine also supports stuff like tearing, comprehensive library management, and music copying to a range of support devices so you can become your everyday driver if you have no issue with ugly-looking interfaces of alternatives to iTunes.

Key Features Of This Alternative For iTunes:

  • Supports mobile phone
  • Stream the music via the cloud
  • Radio-support
  • Free podcasts

14. PodTrans: Best Alternative To iTunes

We end this list with a software package that allows you to switch music between your desktop and iPod easily. The software is simple to use and allows users with a few clicks to translate songs. You don’t even need iTunes installed to run on it.

You’ll also find that it supports managing additional media files, including videos, TV shows, movies, iTunes U, and more when you have newer iPods that carry a wonderful retina screen. The software is a nice and compact app for iPod proprietors. It is one of the best free iTunes options for Mac and Windows that is a free iTunes alternative.

Key Features Of This Alternative For iTunes:

  • Lightweight interface
  • Faster file download
  • Single installation required
  • Supports .mp4 format also

15. Foobar2000: Underrated Alternative For iTunes

Do you have a smartphone for Android and you love to personalize the bejesus? If yes, if you are after the next iTunes alternative, you would probably like foobar2000. The initial black and white appearance of the application can delay you when you first launch it, but once you use it, that is where the real fun begins.

Foobar2000 is exclusively made for those who can customize user interfaces to their fullest capacity, but besides it, you can appreciate many other features when you use the program. This includes extensive support for audio formats and plugins when your music playback experience is an entirely straightforward Android iTunes alternative.

Key Features Of This Free iTunes Alternative:

  • Free podcasts
  • Radio-support
  • Stream using cloud
  • Supports mobile phones


Everyone has something to do with the above iTunes alternatives. Although not all software is intended, all of it has a personal preference and we suggest that every software should be tried. If you use some alternative to iTunes, we hope it will be seen here in our article.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best alternative to iTunes?

  • WALTR 2
  • MusicBee
  • Vox Media Player

An alternative to iTunes where I can log in from any device iPhone?

  • PhoneView for mac
  • iMazing
  • SharePod

Alternative music software which can read iTunes library?

  • Fidelia
  • Clementine
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