The 10 Best Free Word Processors 2021 [Updated List]

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Whilst many people think that they are “locked” for all their document development requirements with Microsoft Word, that is simply not true. In recent years, there have been several alternatives published and gained momentum from Microsoft Word and Office. Now, there is a variety of options for a free word processor.

Microsoft Word has become almost synonymous with word processors but many people have not been able to use their services because of their high price rates. Of course, a lot of free word processors have similar functionality and DOC/DOCX compatibility.

You might do it without a tablet or anything to make slideshows, but text documents are inevitable. Compatibility problems may exist between software platforms and though they do. Moving document formats.

Best Free Word Processor

Today we will discuss ten Microsoft Word alternatives, which you can use today quickly and easily. Some of the software will be online and some will be downloadable, but it will all be possible for you to wean yourself from Microsoft Word and remain active in your local machine.

1. Google Docs: Word Processor Free

Google Docs supports offline writing, which can be allowed through a Chrome extension, unlike other online text processors. There are tonnes, including Microsoft Word add-ons, that are incorporated to provide more features. There are also third parties.

Moreover, if it comes to real-time collaboration Google Docs is much superior to any other word processor. So Google Docs will do better than other applications if you do a writing project on which many users work. It is the best free word processor for Windows 10.

That being said, remember that the MS Word formatting is not good for Google Docs, but it does support the DOC/DOCX format. But the positive thing is that the file can be exported as a PDF. All in all, Google Docs is recommended if you work on web documents generally and want a good and free solution.

Key Features Of This Best Free Word Processor:

  • Several neat features
  • Automatic spell check
  • Free and open-source
  • Advanced formatting options

2. WPS Office: Free Word Processor For Windows

If you have a Microsoft Word modern edition, no learning curve is available when you turn to Writer – the WPS Office Free word processing component. This free word processor looks and acts like its luxury computer and also has its own 1GB free cloud storage equivalent of OneDrive.

It is compatible with all text file formats of Microsoft Word from Office 97, which includes existing and legacy versions. This is a free online word processor.

Key Features Of This Word Processor For Android Free:

  • Identical interface to Word
  • Excellent file support system
  • Free cloud storage
  • Free PDF to Word converter

3. Microsoft Word 365: Free Word Processor For Mac

The Microsoft Word desktop edition charges a high price and is well known to Microsoft.
Also remember, the difference in features between the Online edition of Microsoft Word 365 and Microsoft Word Desktop is massive. In the free edition, you do not need extensive layout and formatting options.

Please refer to our linked article for a complete list of discrepancies between Microsoft Office 365 and Desktop applications. Besides that, please be aware that if you try to import an MS Word 2019 file, formatting breaks on the online edition. It’s very good for simple things and the work is good. This is the best free word processor Windows 10.

Key Features Of This Free Offline Word Processor:

  • Great for smaller projects
  • Portable option
  • Unique advanced features
  • Prints multiple pages

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4. WriteMonkey: Mac Word Processor Free

WriteMonkey is an extra word processor built to optimize your performance without editing or formatting. Not for documents such as letters or curricula but good to make early ideas on paper, so that you can grow the raw material later on. In contrast, WriteMonkey operates with only TXT files and is compatible with all the most frequently used document formats, you need to convert any works you’ve been doing before opening them.

That said, you can find WriteMonkey easier to be used than the toolbar-based alternatives if you’re happy to commit those shortcuts to memory. WriteMonkey is a mobile app, so no installation is required – just remove all the files to a removable drive or cloud storage system and fire them up by running the WriteMonkey.exe file. It is one of the best free word processor apps.

Key Features Of This Free Windows Word Processor:

  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Markup language
  • Sleek UI
  • Spell check

5. Apache OpenOffice: Free Mac Word Processor

Apache OpenOffice is possibly an alternative word processor, free of charge and loaded with functionality, after LibreOffice. The active development team provides effective tools, fonts, table elements and constantly offers new features. Similar to LibreOffice, Apache’s OpenOffice, which includes a word processor, a tablet, a presentation program, a graphing editor, and a DBMS framework, is entirely free and open source.

Not to mention, Apache OpenOffice is DOC/DOCX-compatible, and you seldom notice broken formatting between programs when going on. OpenOffice also supports a wide range of other file formats such as PDF, SWF, PPT, etc. This is a free offline word processor.

The software can also be expanded with several downloadable expansions, with standard features such as diagramming tools, auto-complete, and natural language formulas. To summarise, Apache OpenOffice is another free word processor on which you can rely if you want to work on a long and complex project.

Key Features Of This Best Free Word Processor Windows 10:

  • Compatible with DOC/DOCX
  • Completely free
  • Open-source
  • Diagramming tools

6. WordGraph: Free Word Processor For Mac

WordGraph contains most of the common features in any word processor, but it also offers some special resources. WordGraph is also able to generate PDFs, create a table of content and index, and access files that are stored in online storage, such as OneDrive and Dropbox. In addition to adding images, graphs, tables, and diagrams to a document.

Although there is a spell checking utility, it does not function in live mode. You must therefore run it manually to verify the orthographic errors. You can download WordGraph on your own without downloading the SSuite Office app, as opposed to some other word processors.

WordGraph runs on Windows PCs but can be used with additional software on a Mac or Linux system. This is a great option for a word processor for Android free.

Key Features Of This Free Online Word Processor:

  • Advanced features
  • Quick installation
  • In-built spell check
  • Free of cost

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7. Polaris Office: Free Word Processor For Windows

Polaris Office is a common word processor and is not a free text processor just like the others mentioned. The best thing about Polaris Office is, however, that it offers a limited, free version that offers sufficient features to satisfy the needs of most individual users. In theory, to complete your work, you would not have to pay a large subscription fee.

You can choose the Enterprise plan that is also very cheaper than other options if you are those who want help with add-ons and diagrams. We’d say that Polaris Office has all the important resources you would expect from a professional word processor when it comes to free version functionality. This is a free word processor for Windows 10.

Moreover, there is also real-time collaboration in which two and more people will concurrently work on the same paper. And in case you use their paid plan, you can also access features like PDF annotations, notes, animation editing, protection of documents, and more. To conclude, Polaris Office is another highly available, small free desktop word processor.

Key Features Of This Best Free Word Processor:

  • Real-time changes
  • Cheap in price
  • Free trial version
  • Add-ons support

8. FreeOffice TextMaker: Word Processor Free

TextMaker – the SoftMaker FreeOffice word processing element – looks nice and comes with a range of useful templates to create letters and other daily documents. The option is not as comprehensive as some of its competitors, but new designs can also be made for potential use in TMV format and saved.

All the characteristics you’d expect of a modern word processor, including advanced formatting options, bibliography management, and footnote databases, and collaboration project changes, are present and right. It is a great option for a free word processor for Windows 10.

TextMaker’s only real disadvantage is the fact that you cannot save your DOCX job (though you can open and edit these files with no difficulty). This functionality is limited to SoftMaker Office’s premium edition.

Key Features Of This Free Word Processor:

  • Export to different formats
  • Prints multiple pages
  • Password-protected
  • Supports a variety of platforms

9. Zoho Writer: Free Offline Word Processor

You seldom hear people talking about Zoho Writer in any discussion of word processors. But Zoho Writer is a fine, fully free word processor, both on-line and off-line. What we love about Zoho Writer is that it is pretty clean for editing a word document, with all the basic features and resources. Don’t expect feature levels MS Word, but Microsoft Office 365 is available.

Zoho provides approximately 20 free online applications for word processing authors. Your Zoho account can also be connected to your accounts on Google and Yahoo. There should be no problem with the Writer’s GUI as it is easily familiar. There is always a chance of losing data while operating online because of a lost network link, unintentionally closing your web browser, or a browser crash.

Fortunately, when you stop typing, Zoho saves your documents automatically for you. The Zoho Writer has features that make it easy to function online: two-way desktop sync, massive transfers, encryption, file retrieval, two-step authentication, in-app chat, and more. You can insert pictures, modify indenting positions, modify fonts, select a prototype, in real-time work with many users and do much more.

Not to mention, Zoho Writer has a special DOC/DOCX documents converting engine and keeping the original formatting intact. Altogether, we’d say that we’re going forward to build a free Zoho account so that you can use the word processor for free. It is a great word processor free.

Key Features Of This Best Free Word Processor:

  • Supports plugins
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Automatic spell check
  • Supports a lot of file types

10. Jarte: Free Online Word processor

Jarte is an additional free word processor with a tabbed GUI to conveniently view all open documents on one page. Popular file types are supported, Jarte can be set to save a document automatically every 20 minutes and during installation, you can install multiple spell check dictionaries.

The last file that Jarte was using when you launched the program can be automatically configured to open, which is a pleasant feature that most other applications on this list can’t.
The spell-check mechanism is sadly not automatic, and often the software itself is confusing to understand.

You can download Jarte for Windows 10 down through Windows XP. There is a premium software update that adds additional features but the free version is more than sufficient and fully compatible. Features include an ergonomic tabbed interface, limited resource needs, portability, touchscreens support, and fast loading time.

It can also be spell managed and exported into HTML and PDF formats. Jarte lets you insert photos, tables, hyperlinks, and everything you’ve expected from Phrase. Jarte does not include advertising, trial periods nor paralyzed features and is financed by Jarte Plus user purchases. This is a word processor for Android free.

Key Features Of This Word Processor Free:

  • Layout customization
  • Portable option available
  • Small setup files
  • Auto-save

Get Intact With Free Word Processor

Although many people believe it is “locked” for all their document development needs with Microsoft Word, it simply doesn’t happen. In recent years, several alternatives have been made available to Microsoft Word and Office that have become more strong. There are now alternatives to Microsoft’s expensive program, many being free.

If you are searching for a free Microsoft Word alternative locally installed or online, there are many available to help you collaborate and store your online file. The 10 covered here are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg but should be a decent base for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best free word processor?

  • Google Docs
  • WPS Office
  • Polaris Office

There a free program like Microsoft Word?

Yes, there are many free programs like Microsoft office. E.g., Google Docs and WPS Office.

How can I activate Microsoft Word for free?

  1. Open the Office program. Programs such as Word and Excel are pre-installed on a laptop with a year of free Office.
  2. Choose an account. An activation screen will appear.
  3. Log in to Microsoft 365.
  4. Accept the conditions.
  5. Get started.
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