The Best Free VPN For Android In 2021 (Updated)

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You’ve all heard of the advantages of installing a VPN and are curious if it’s great to get a free one. When you use public WiFi from time to time, a freebie will do a good job if you only want to get a VPN with a little more protection on your computer or mobile device. And with increasing numbers of people working comfortably and being entertained at home, it is not surprising that the best free VPN for Android is growing in terms of popularity.

You will find on this page our selection of the best free VPN for Android. These free VPNs are widely used to evaluate their ability to maintain anonymous online activity without having to spend anything on them. But before that, let us check the problem related to the best free VPN for Android.

Major Issue Related To The Best Free VPN For Android

Best Free VPN for Android services may cost nothing, but there is typically a good reason for this – it means that the provider uses intrusive ads or sells your browsing data to third parties to benefit in another way.

Free services also restrict the amount of data that you can use and the speed at which it can be used, making it almost pointless to download content, torrent, or as an additional safety layer in your online life every day. And don’t expect the kind of easy access support or the number of servers you get from paid services.

Best Free VPN For Android

Now let us go through the list of best free VPN for Android:

1. ProtonVPN Free: Best Free Unlimited VPN For Android Without Paying A Penny

The cream of our free VPN plant ProtonVPN has grown. The stand-out feature, though it has no limitations on how much data you can use for your VPN, provides a lot more to admire. However, it would be disregarded for us to not start with the headline. No data limits are imposed by ProtonVPN.

This makes it very uncommon for a free VPN provider and convenient if you’re willing to use VPN streaming. In other words, you are free to use as much data as you want every month. This service’s free edition is available in three locations: in the United States, Japan, and the Netherlands.

We know this is good to know if you are interested in seeing a show on US Netflix, or if you usually can’t see any niche Japanese material. Naturally, Windows and Mac clients and Android and iPhone applications are also available. On the desktop, when you start your computer, we like to switch to automatic connections.

Some unique functions such as split tunneling and DNS leak security for a freebie are also included. Of course, there are limits to the free scheme to stimulate a paid upgrade. The most remarkable thing is that free users have less priority than paid customers when it comes to speed. Due to its features, this one became the best free VPN for Android 2020.

No P2P support is available either and speeds will fall at peak times when many users are around and paying people to take precedence. So if you use this to stream, brace yourself for the strange piece of buffering. However, if you can deal with it you are an impressive provider with a strict no-logging policy and you can only sign in with your email address and your username. No advertising, let alone the client, can be found on the website.

best free VPN for Android

Key Features Of This Best VPN For Android Free Download:

  • Unlimited data allowance
  • Available for almost every platform
  • DNS leak protection
  • Good speed

2. Hotspot Shield: Best Free VPN App For Android That Gets Started Instantly

Hotspot Shield’s premium edition takes its place in our fastest VPN countdown among the best online services. Therefore, its free options are so common, it is not surprising. Those in the fee schedule are just 500 MB daily (so around 15GB per month). That might sound limiting, but it is one of the most generous limits compared to one or two in this list.

If your primary goal is to achieve secrecy, Hotspot’s wavelength is the same as many premium VPNs call for and features the same ‘military encryption.’ To ensure that we use this protection, Hotspot Shield Free has also earned appreciation in our tests. If you’ll find the hair-pulling sensation of certain rivals in the smartphone edition or on a laptop.

We found a very big problem with Hotspot Shield in our latest round of putting free VPN providers through their paces. The hotspot was able to check on Google absolutely while on for a couple of weeks. It is the best VPN for Android free.

Best VPN For Android Free Download

Key Features Of This Best VPN App For Android Free:

  • Easy to set up
  • Simple UI
  • Premium features are available for free
  • VPN of 70 countries available

3. Windscribe: The Best Free VPN For Android That Is Super Secured

The Windscribe’s people are proud of their free VPN offering with force and speech. Thanks to its generous data and dedication to protecting your privacy, this is truly a strong choice. Normal bandwidth is 2GB per month – not much. But if you send Windscribe your email address, it can easily add up to a tastier 10GB.

You can select from 11 remote locations in the free edition. It’s a ‘freemium’ model in this game, so there are soft push buttons for you to register for the unlimited edition if you like what you see. It’s quick to start with your desktop customers or the super useful extension – you’re going to jump around the world in no time on various servers.

We do not expect free VPNs to enable us to prevent those applications, forums, and streaming services from blocking areas. We were also pleased that Windscribe went beyond our Netflix VPN tests to the point of order. In contrast to most of those, in the United States, Germany, and Great Britain we have complete access to exclusive material.

The data cap would prevent you from excessive binges, but it’s nice to know the occasional display during your travels or journeys. If you are actively linked to a server it will store your username, your server, and the volume of data you are using, but this is deleted within three minutes of the end of the session. This is the best free unlimited VPN for Android.

Windscribe will not store the connection logs, IP stamps, or visited sites. And even an integrated adblocker, malware security, and firewall if that’s not enough to tempt you.

The Best Free VPN For Android

Key Features Of This Best Free VPN For Android 2020:

  • Great privacy policy
  • Easy to set up
  • Simple UI
  • Works perfectly with Netflix

4. TunnelBear: Protect Your Identity Using Best VPN For Android Free Download

TunnelBear is acquired by McAfee, and it’s been a huge name since then. Subscriptions may be chosen for free and paid. It provides 500 MB of free data which might seem a small amount and that means that when you think you need a little more security and want to walk down the freeway you can only really use it.

You can’t keep it on all the time and forget to torrent and stream using this VPN. This pain point is completely alleviated by a service such as ExpressVPN or NordVPN. This free edition, however, does not restrict you to available servers and makes premium service available in all 20+ countries.

TunnelBear recently finalized its privacy policy, so that it now gathers even less user information – eliminating the need to include the first name, and recording the number of users’ cumulative lifetime contacts. This is the best free VPN app for Android.

Best VPN For Android Free Download

Key Features Of This Best VPN For Android Free:

  • Great speed
  • User-friendly UI
  • Available for mobile and desktop
  • Provides extra protection

5. Speedify: The Best Free VPN For Android With Lots Of Servers

As the name suggests, speed up is one key objective, as a free VPN provider: ensuring your Internet link stays as fast as possible as you benefit from encryption. In this regard, this provider makes use of all Internet connections available to achieve maximum capacity, integrating, for example, an Ethernet link (fixed broadband) with a connected mobile device.

Even if you have just one internet connection, the company said it would still help speed up its turbo-charge technology. The free plan has complete access to certain servers (like subscription options), the only limitation to the free deal is that the amount of data you can download is restricted. This is the best VPN app for Android free.

Every month, free users receive 2GB of data. This is not an enormous reward, and not as many as some other competitors, but it is more than just a few and still sufficient to cover simple surfing and email tasks. And this provider certainly deserves a glance at the results, as the aforesaid speed-awarding technologies have been positive during our tests.

Key Features Of This Best VPN Free For Android:

  • Performance boosters
  • Extra privacy options
  • Advanced encryption
  • Turbocharging technology

6. One Of The Best Free VPN Apps For Android With Extra Protection provides 2GB of data every month There are other restrictions too, which are to be restricted to five server locations (including the US and Canada VPN) instead of 50+ paying subscribers. However, on the plus side, this provider will not slow free users’ link speed. furthermore guarantees that it does not keep logs and does not retain data on users so that it will not forward any data to third parties to try to make a profit. Nor are there any ads here. You get native Windows PC and Mac applications, Android and iOS, the Windows client is intelligently developed, plus technical support is offered 24/7.

In our research, too, the performance was excellent. In general, then, this is a free offer that seeks, without too many constraints, to keep your privacy. is the best free VPN for Android tablet.

Best Free VPN Apps For Android

Key Features Of This Best Free VPN For Android Box:

  • Strong privacy
  • No advertisements
  • High-speed throttling
  • 2GB free data per month

7. ExpressVPN: Best Free VPN For Android TV To Unblock Content

ExpressVPN provides limitless data and fast-lights for people living in India or traveling to India. It is an excellent VPN. We had an average speed of 40 Mbps during my tests on the servers at Mumbai, Chennai, the US, and the UK. So you can easily stream your favorite shows in HD without buffer, such as Criminal Justice and Sarabhai vs. Sarabhai.

Its secure servers allow you to change your IP address immediately and hide your actual place so that without problems you can access Hotstar and Voot. Netflix US, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu are just as easy to unblock. ExpressVPN is using 256-bit AES encoding and solid DNS and IP leak protection to keep your browsing activity secret.

It also blocks IPv6 and WebRTC requests, so that your browser will not leak confidential information about you incidentally. It is situated outside the 5/9/14-Eyes Alliance in the British Virgin Islands. Also, it does not keep any records on its users and supports the payment for Bitcoin, so you’re anonymous.

ExpressVPN enables all the servers to torrent. We checked them with my computers sending a big file. As it takes a few minutes for the servers to arrive at capacity. With one subscription, you can attach up to 5 devices, making it the best free VPN for Android box.

Best Free VPN For Android TV

Key Features Of This Best Free VPN For Android TV Box:

  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Super-fast connection
  • Unblocks many OTT platforms
  • Compatible with almost every platform

8. IPVanish: Top Best Free VPN For Android At A Budget-Friendly Price

At a budget-friendly price, IPVanish provides high-speed connections and an impressive list of advanced safety features. It will unblock Netflix from IPVanish. It can also unblock famous Vudu, HBO Go, and YouTube services. Netflix USA is now unblocked on most servers by IPVanish. For almost everyone, buffering is an issue.

When a video is loaded, nobody likes to waste time on a computer. Your link speed will slightly fall as your data moves further to a remote server while you are linked to a VPN. This loss of pace, however, should not be apparent. In reality, you might even speed up with a VPN if your local network is subject to congestion or ISP throttling.

In reality, you can also increase the speed by VPN if your local network is subject to congestion or ISP throttling. You test your link speed according to the speed of ping, download, and upload. Its ping indicates how soon after you have submitted a request or clicked on a connection, you can obtain the answer from a website. It is the top VPN for Android.

The quicker your link can respond, the lower your ping. Ping in milliseconds is calculated (ms). Its download speed tests how easily data can be downloaded from a server. This affects your loading times and your pace of downloading files from the internet. Download rate measured per second in megabits (Mbps).

Top Best Free VPN For Android

Key Features Of This Best Free VPN For Android:

  • Easy to use
  • Highly reliable
  • High speed
  • Not logs stored

Secure Your Device With Best Free VPN For Android

Most free VPNs are unsafe and lack the safeguards you need. If your data and privacy are 100% secure, you will never know. Although most free services in our list are safe to use, they restrict your data, server sites, or speed.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there a free VPN for Android?

There are many free VPN for Android. Few of them are listed in the above article like ExpressVPN, TunnelBear, etc.

  • Is there a 100% free VPN?

ProtonVPN is a 100% free VPN with no data limits.

  • Which VPN is the fastest?

ExpressVPN is the fastest VPN.

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