Best Free Movie Websites In 2021

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Although free movie streaming may be connected with piracy, there is a slew of legitimate free movie websites available online. These are jam-packed with movies that you may legally view for free. Finding free streaming video is very possible, whether you’re seeking movies or television series. All you have to do is know where to look. 

A cinephile is always hunting for excellent free movie websites to watch movies because nothing is better than a great free thing. While other streaming services aren’t as well-known as Netflix or Hulu, their libraries are massive and they’re all free. Like wandering through a first-hand store, the free movie websites are typically sturdy and full of surprises.

In this article, we will go through a list of several free movie websites that could be used to binge-watch your favourite movies or TV show. These services are completely legal and free to watch. So, go through the entire list!

What To Expect From From Best Free Movie Websites?

You’ll find a diverse range of entertainment thanks to the abundance of free and legal videos available online. Public domain films make up a sizable chunk of the movies available to view for free. Many sites display such video gems because their ownership has lapsed and they have become common property.

free movie websites

free movie websites

But it’s not only B-movies that can be seen online; numerous big-budget films are also available. These are usually ad-supported. You’ll have to go through a few ads, just as when viewing a movie on TV. Nonetheless, the films are frequently shown in their entirety.

This free movie download site also allows you to create a free virtual library card, which gives you access to forums, the opportunity to post films, and the option to save preferred content, among other things.

Best Free Movie Websites 2021

These are the best free movie websites or you could say that these websites are bliss for cinephiles:

1. YouTube

While YouTube remains the most popular source of online video, it is gradually increasing its investment in original programming and exploring other income streams. The majority of new films are available to rent on YouTube. However, you’ll be shocked to learn that the service provides free streaming of over 350 feature films.



Please keep in mind that this is not the same as YouTube TV, which is a live TV streaming service. It’s also on our most recent list of the top movie streaming services. This makes YouTube an ideal free movie website for folks who can’t afford to pay for Netflix or Hulu subscriptions.

Features That We Like In Youtube:

  • 350+ movie titles
  • Easy and sleek interface
  • Cross-device functionality

2. The Internet Archive

The Internet Archive, with its purpose of “universal access to all information,” is a lifesaver in many circumstances, allowing you to access prohibited sites, view offline websites, and study how a website has grown over time. But how does it fit into our list of free content download and streaming websites?

Best Free Movie Websites In 2021

About 4-5 years ago, The Internet Archive only supplied direct links, and movie downloads frequently failed due to huge file sizes. You may now simply view and download hundreds of movies without spending a dime thanks to torrent connections. This website’s entire collection is constantly expanding, with new information being published daily.

This free movie download site also allows you to create a free virtual library card, which gives you access to forums, the opportunity to post films, and the option to save preferred content, among other things. It is one of the best free movie websites Reddit.

Features That We Like In The Internet Archive:

  • Vast movie directory
  • Torrent download options
  • Free virtual library card

3. Watch TCM

A cable subscription is a popular way to watch free movies and TV in the United States. Many movie studios and streaming players have partnered with cable networks to provide online access to an incredible variety of films.

Watch TCM

Watch TCM

TCM (Turner Classic Movies) has the finest selection of movies of any of these free services. With a cable or satellite bundle, you may view an endless number of free movies through a programme called Watch TCM.

TCM is even better because it has specific applications for Android, iOS, Apple TV, and other platforms. Articles, biographical information about artists, short films, and movie suggestions are all available through the site. This one is one of the best free movie websites Reddit.

Features That We Like In Watch TCM:

  • Dedicated phone application
  • Huge library of classics
  • Can be coupled with a cable network

4. Hotstar

Let’s speak about Indian/Hindi material now that we’ve discussed American consumers and the availability of free movies for them on YouTube. Even though premium services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video are increasingly focused on Indian users, Hotstar continues to be a good source of free streaming and movie downloads for offline viewing. 



Hotstar also provides unique movie premieres for Indian films, but you must be a paying Hotstar user to watch them. The service’s UI is appealing, and it comes with a well-designed app. Hotstar is also a terrific place to watch free Indian TV programmes, sports, and news. It is one of the best free movie websites 2020.

Features That We Like In Hotstar:

  • Sleek UI
  • A wide array of free movies
  • Subtitles available

5. Korean Film Archive

With the recent release of amazing films such as Parasite, Minari, Burning, and The Handmaiden, American moviegoers have access to a wealth of good entertainment. Cinephiles seeking movie downloads may love the Korean Film Archive on YouTube, which is a hidden gem. It is one of the best free movie websites 2020. 

Korean Film Archive

Korean Film Archive

This official channel, dubbed Korean Classic Film, features over 200 classic Korean films dating back to the 1930s. With Korean cinema’s growing popularity in the West, this channel is an excellent resource for discovering vintage South Korean films. You won’t have to worry about the language barrier because all of the films feature English subtitles. If you enjoy movies, give these free ones a try; you will not be disappointed.

Features That We Like In Korean Film Archive:

  • Subtitles available
  • Free source for Korean movies
  • Free downloads

6. Crackle

Because it is owned by Sony, Crackle is a fantastic website for watching free movies online. As a result, you have a lot of movies to view. You must register, establish a watchlist, and then receive suggestions based on your preferences. Crackle has a large selection of popular movies and TV series that you won’t find on other websites for free. 



As long as you’re willing to go through a few advertisements and commercials. Seinfeld, Firefly, Sports Jeopardy, and other shows are among the highlights. Crackle also includes applications for Android and iOS, which is a big benefit. 

Due to licence limitations, certain Crackle material may be banned in your country. You can use a VPN or proxy service to gain access to them. It is one of the top free movies websites.

Features That We Like In Crackle:

  • Handy subtitle
  • Easy UI
  • A wide array of movies

7. Tubi

Thousands of free movies and TV series are available to view right now on Tubi. Some can only be leased and not seen for free, while many are available to stream for free. There are thousands of categories and collections to choose from, including some that are interesting and different, such as Not on Netflix, Movie Night, Cult Classics, K-Drama+, and Bollywood Dreams. This is one of the most decent movie websites free.



The categories Leaving Soon and Trending Now are also popular. Megamind, Stomp the Yard, Baby Boy, Tom and Jerry: The Movie, Fury, South Central, and Son of Bigfoot are among the site’s current most popular picks. Gods of Egypt, The Kitchen, The Big Short, Before I Go to Sleep, and Lion is among the new releases.

Tubi Kids is a portion of the service dedicated to streaming only kid-friendly movies. It’s accessible from the website’s main menu, and it includes Toon TV, LEGO, and Friendly Monsters videos, as well as other categories tailored to preschoolers and other children. You may also establish parental restrictions using the regular website.

Features That We Like In Tubi:

  • HD movies
  • Available for kids
  • Lots of categories

8. Vudu

Vudu may not be your first choice when seeking free movie streaming services, but it does have hundreds of titles available to view right now. You only have to sit through a few advertisements. You may filter by category and sort by most viewed or release date to see all of the thousands of free movies available. 



The genres are rather simple, so you have action, comedy, criminal, romance, and a few more to choose from. This movie site is notable for the fact that you may not only view new releases, but you can do it on a separate page for each genre. The New to Free page categorises each category to make browsing the newly uploaded movie a breeze.

Other entertaining parts of the site to check out are the most popular free movies and films starring big-name actors. Each segment has a few hundred videos. Lucky Number Slevin, Army of One, The Condemned, and F.E.A.R. are just a few of the more popular films you may see here.

Vudu’s movies are wonderful since some of them are in 1080p, so you don’t have to sacrifice quality simply to watch some free movies. You may be offered the choice to buy or rent anything once you’ve decided what to watch, but if you found it on one of the free sites, there will be a button you can click to view it without paying. You could, of course, pay for movies here.

Features That We Like In Vudu

  • Handy search options
  • Sorting and filtering options
  • Can rent movies

9. Pluto TV

Pluto TV functions in two ways: as an on-demand movie streaming website where you can choose from a selection of films, and as a live TV service where you can view movies and TV episodes as they are released. There is no need to create a user account, and you can even create a watch list without ever giving your email or name.

Pluto TV

Pluto TV

By installing the proper software, you may stream live TV and movies from your web browser, mobile or desktop app. It’s accessible as an app for iOS and Android, among other platforms. On-demand and live, you’ll find comedy, drama, action, horror, and more film genres here. 

Movie channels include 54, 57, 60, 70, 75, 91, 100, and others if you’re watching live TV; others feature live sports, music, and news. The Pluto TV channel lineup may be seen here. If you’re weary of the standard genres available on most movie websites, you’ll enjoy Pluto TV. This is a good option for one of the best online free movie websites.

Science Documentaries, PGA Tour, World Cinema, Sports Movies, LGBTQ Cinema, Comfort Movies, and ’90s Throwback are just a handful of the unique genres available. The Godfather, New Jack City, The Grudge, Carriers, Joy Ride, and The Exorcism Of Emily Rose are just a few of the on-demand movies available on this site.

Features That We Like In Pluto TV:

  • Online streaming
  • On-demand movie
  • Application available

10. Redbox

If you don’t want to waste time looking for free Redbox coupons merely to watch movies for free, check out their free on-demand library. To watch free movies from Redbox, you don’t even need to create an account; simply browse and click to begin viewing right away.



Free Movies Spotlight, New To Free, and Leaving Free Soon are some of our favourite sections of the site. These are quite useful for knowing what other people are viewing and deciding which movies to stream before they are withdrawn.

Beyond that, there are the standard categories, such as classics, romantic flicks, family films, and so on. Faith and Stand-Up are two films that you won’t frequently find on free movie sites. You can also look for films that include a specific actor by using the free filter on the results page. It is one of the best free movie download websites. 

Features That We Like In Redbox:

  • Comments for feedback
  • Easy to buffer ads
  • Downloadable content

Binge-Watch With Free Movie Websites

You’ll need to use your desktop or mobile web browser to download movies from free movie websites. Different free movie websites provide various download options: some provide direct download links, while others provide torrent connections. You’ll also need to install BitTorrent software if you want to use torrent links.

So, these were the best free movie websites that you could use!

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