Best Bots For Discord To Automate Your Work Beautifully

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A good Discord bot is an essential tool for every top Discord server. The finest Discord bots can bring hundreds of additional features to your platform, including mod functionality, music, games, polls, and rewards. If you want to create one of the finest Discord servers, you must include the top Discord bots.

However, with so many Discord server bots available, choose one to add to your server may be challenging. With this in mind, we’ve put together a list of the top ten Discord bots that anybody may use. On their website, you can locate the greatest Discord bots. Then, by inviting them to your server, you may add Discord bots.

A Discord bot invite functions similarly to a regular server invite, so after you welcome the bot to Discord, it will appear on your server. Once you’ve added Discord bots, you’ll be able to utilize bot instructions directly from your server. All of these great Discord bots are free to use, although some offer premium upgrades.

With the help of some of the greatest Discord bots available, you can transform your text and voice server into a genuinely amazing location to hang out. In this article, we will see what are the best bots for Discord.

So, let’s begin without wasting any time!

Best Bots For Discord To Make Things Easy

1. MEE6: One Of The Best Bots For Discord Server

MEE6 is one of the most effective Discord bots for moderating. The MEE6 bot may be used to automatically check your server’s discussions for rule breaches such as bad language, spam, spoilers, and external links. You may set the MEE6 bot instructions to silence, kick, or permanently ban a user when they commit a particular amount of violations in a given time.

MEE6 may be used to play music on your servers and “level up” members in addition to moderating. Users with a higher “level” of server involvement have access to special server roles via the premium MEE6 Discord bot.

best bots for discord

Additionally, the premium MEE6 bot features an ad-free leaderboard banner for your leveled-up users, a music quiz plugin, audio recording, and the option to interface with numerous Twitch and YouTube channels. The premium MEE6 bot costs $11.95 per month, but you may save money by purchasing a lifetime license for one server for $79.90.

2. Dank Memer: One Of The Best Bots For Discord Made For Memers

Dank Memer is the greatest Discord meme bot. It provides a set of bot instructions that allow you to find the perfect meme in any discussion. For example, if you need an owl meme, simply write “pls hootyboi” and an owl meme will emerge. You can even make your memes.

Finally, Dank Memer has a “money system” that allows you to gain coins on the server by stealing from other users, gambling, and other means. You may then use your money to “purchase” special goods from the meme bot shop, which you can then use to play more games or show off to other users.

best bots for discord

DankMemer’s basic features are completely free, but you can support them on Patreon for even more fun meme bot goodies. Choose a monthly tier ranging from $2 to $45 per month to unlock additional memes, more money, and unique server positions while also supporting the greatest Discord meme bot.

3. Best Bots For Discord Roleplay To Communicate With Customers offers a Discord ticketing system. This is ideal for companies and customer care teams who use Discord to plan projects or assist customers. These tickets are Discord-optimized, with authors able to identify specific channels or server responsibilities to direct the issue to the appropriate team.

best bots for discord

Team members may then organize, reply to, and close tickets. All of the aforementioned capabilities are available for free, however, a $3.50/month premium subscription may be purchased to have access to additional ticket personalization and translation options. is the finest Discord bot for teams who use Discord to communicate with customers.

4. Octave: One Of The Best Music Bots For Discord To Make You Jam

With good reason, Octave is one of the most popular music bots for Discord. You may use this music bot to play any song from YouTube or Soundcloud on your voice channels. You can also make playlists and add songs to them, as well as playback, pause, and queue music. You may even request that Octave display the lyrics to a song.

best bots for discord

A premium membership grants you access to longer lines and track durations, as well as limitless custom playlists and volume, bass boost, and filter settings. You may get Octave premium by contributing $5 or $10 per month to its Patreon.

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5. IdleRPG: One Of The Best Discord For Games To Create A Narrative Story

IdleRPG is one of the most unique Discord bots available. It adds the fun of a text-based roleplaying game to your server. You can make your character, embark on missions, purchase and trade things, battle, join guilds, connect with Gods, and marry other people.

best bots for discord

Create your own narrative story and interact with the RPG’s broader universe with hundreds of different bot commands. All IdleRPG commands are free to use after you install the bot to your server, however you may unlock in-game goodies by giving them to the bot’s Patreon.

6. Arcane: One Of The Best Discord Bots For Streamers To Eliminate Spam

Arcane is a leveling system that may be configured to determine XP and prizes. Members can level up while in voice chat thanks to the Arcane bot’s voice leveling. Arcane is particularly beneficial to influencers. It can send alerts from YouTube to Discord to notify your followers when you upload a new video.

best bots for discord

Arcane bot Server Premium costs $5/month for two servers and has more XP settings, unlimited roles, lengthier message logging, and YouTube notifications for up to ten channels.

7. MedalBot: One Of The Best Discord Bots For Gamers

MedalBot, Medal’s Discord bot, allows you to make and view Medal video game clips from within Discord. When you add a new clip to Discord, you may also add it to MedalBot also allows you to see any Medal video from within Discord. You may browse the most viewed clips or search for videos based on a game or another subject.

best bots for discord

It may also ban specific phrases, assign responsibilities automatically, and erase communications. Music from YouTube may be played using MedalBot’s music function. All of the following features are free, but you must first establish a free Medal account to use them.

8. Xenon: One Of The Best Discord Bots For Moderation

Xenon’s feature might assist you in structuring your server and restoring it if something goes wrong. Xenon provides templates in various languages for gaming, education, and fan groups. These templates feature channel, category, and role structures, among other things.

best bots for discord

Backups can be performed manually or automatically after a predetermined time interval. The free Xenon Discord bot may do up to 25 backups and 1 interval backup per server. Premium subscriptions range from $5 to $15 per month and include message storing and transferring, backups of roles and nicknames, and additional manual and interval backups.

9. Apollo: One Of The Best NSFW Bots For Discord

Apollo is the greatest Discord scheduling bot. You may create an event from inside Discord, and users can indicate their attendance by clicking the checkmark, x button, or question mark. You may delete the event post whenever you like or schedule it to disappear at a specific time.

Apollo may also send automated private messages to registrants to remind them of the event. It can also build automated repeating events so that you don’t have to design the event each time.

best bots for discord

Aside from the checkmark, x button, or question mark, Apollo Premium allows customized signup choices. Premium costs $5 per month for one server, $10 per month for three servers, and $15 per month for five servers.

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10. One Of The Discord Bots For D&D allows you to send bitcoin tips over Discord. There are no tip minimums or costs, and you may tip anybody, even if they do not yet have a bitcoin wallet. You may even tip several users at once.

best bots for discord

You may also make withdrawals and deposits from within Discord using the bot. accepts over 127 different cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tether. The Discord bot from is free.

11. ProBot: One Of The Best Discord Bots For Gaming Servers

ProBot is similar to other moderating programs, except it concentrates on creating personalized welcome messages. It enables you to customize the tone of your Discord server for anybody that joins. However, it also has additional capabilities like kicking people who are disrespectful or who upload stuff that violates your standards.

best bots for discord

You may also provide commands to help with member moderating. The auto-moderation system can silence members, remove repetitive messages, and warn users when they use foul language. Because the punishments are customized, you have complete control over what occurs when the requirements are broken.

12. Rhythm: One Of The Best Free Bots Of Discord

Rhythm is another option for individuals in need of a bot that can play music and broadcast it to your server. This music bot allows you to listen to music while chatting with friends and other Discord server users. But Rythm is much more than that. It is also customizable, allowing you to ban channels, assign DJ responsibilities, and prohibit duplicating tracks.

best bots for discord

You can also simply manage your music queue. When you utilize the premium version of the bot, you have access to additional features. Volume control, audio effects, additional bass, lengthier songs, autoplay, and an always playing function are all included. It is one of the best bots for Discord for music.

13. DoubleCounter: One Of The Best Discord Bots For Roleplay Servers

Double Counter stops users from entering your server with numerous accounts, which distinguishes it from other Discord moderation solutions. It validates new users and checks their IP addresses to see if they are using multiple accounts. As a result, if a user is expelled from the server, he or she cannot re-enter the service using another account.

best bots for discord

Other factors, such as cookies, are also used by this bot to distinguish between users. It can also ban VPN users, making it impossible for them to re-enter the network. If you’ve had problems with individuals flooding your Discord channel with many accounts, you’ll need a bot like Double Counter to keep them in line. It is one of the best bots for Discord.

14. NuggetBot: One Of The Best Discord Bots For Small

Simple moderation bots are tedious, therefore we recommend NuggetBot, which has a variety of moderation tools, instructions, and extra entertaining stuff for your Discord channel. Once NuggetBot has been installed on your server, you may control anything from the NuggetBot dashboard online.

best bots for discord

You may send a welcome message to first-time users and give them a position that they must perform until they accept your welcome guidelines. There are settings for logging user information, as well as a variety of moderating tools. You may also provide your Discord users access to auto commands.

This contains instructions for creating random memes, making jokes, and creating simple arcade games to play within Discord.

15. PokeCord: One Of The Discord Bots For Pokemon Go

best bots for discord

Pokecord is widely regarded as one of the greatest Discord bots of all time. Why? Because it allows your Discord users to collect, battle, and capture Pokemon directly from Discord. Discord users on your server may use commands to find Pokemon or battle other players. Your Pokemon will level up and get stronger over time. It is one of the best bots For Discord.

Best Bots For Discord: Making Your Work Easier

We’ve concluded our list of the best bots for Discord. We hope you’ve discovered a few bots to test out on your server.

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