6 Potential Troubles You Might Experience as a Laptop Owner

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If you have a laptop, you will run into performance issues sooner or later. A lot comes down to how you maintain the device. 

Some people do not bother taking care of their computers, which leads to more frequent errors and other issues.

It is also worth noting that the older a laptop is, the more likely it is to have issues. One needs to keep that in mind when contemplating whether they should get a brand-new laptop or a second-hand one.

Regardless, if you are concerned about laptop issues and would like to know how you can avoid or solve them in the future, this article should come in handy. Below, we will cover some of the most common laptop problems and ways to deal with them.

Black Screen

Issues with the screen are some of the worst because you are unlikely to tinker with the internal laptop screen hardware without the necessary knowledge.

According to, a black screen might be a result of scuffed brightness levels as well as SMC settings, and resetting those often helps.

Unplugging the computer and restarting it is worth a shout as well. Next, you have the option to reinstall the operating system, and even if it takes a while, a clean slate to the OS often proves to be the most effective measure against various computer troubles.

Flickering Screen

Continuing with the screen, another issue that might happen is random flickers. If the flickering becomes too frequent, you will struggle to use the device.

Before you seek professional help, try to check for system updates or even downgrade the OS to an older version.

The cause behind this specific issue might be related to the GPU and the OS, or rather the fact that the two became incompatible. 

Lack of Storage

Low disk space should be taken seriously. If there are only a few free gigabytes of space on the drive, you will have to deal with constant freezes and sluggish performance of the laptop.

Ideally, a computer’s drive should have somewhere between 25-30 percent of its total space free. However, even that percentage is not enough, and it is recommended to free up as much storage as possible.

If you do not know where to start, check what files are no longer necessary on the computer. Old media, downloads, duplicates, video games, apps, and other data that became obsolete should be deleted permanently.

One other trick to counter storage issues is to utilize external hard drives, USB flash sticks, and cloud storage. Instead of keeping all the files on your computer’s drive, you can transfer them to a different location. 

Poor Battery

Even though new laptops have a pretty great battery lifespan, you still have to keep an eye on it because the issue can snowball out of control.

Having to recharge your laptop frequently becomes a nuisance. Sure, some people are not too bothered with it because they use the device statically next to an outlet. But what about those who have to travel and cannot access an electrical outlet all the time?

It is not far-fetched to say that every battery percentage matters, and you should do your best to ensure that the problem does not get out of hand.

What you can do is try to avoid overcharging the battery. In other words, as soon as it reaches 100 percent, unplug the charger.

Disabling redundant visuals and quitting background processes helps with the overall lifespan as well. 

Finally, make sure that there are no cybersecurity threats causing issues to the device, which affects the battery as well.

Memory Leaks

You should notice that after using the computer for a while, it starts to feel a bit sluggish even if it is relatively new.

The sluggishness is the result of memory leaks. Computer memory goes all over the place after a few hours or so, and it starts to get distributed to places it should not go.

The simplest solution is to restart the device. As a rule of thumb, you want to restart your laptop every few hours or so. Get in the habit of doing that, and you are bound to notice performance improvements. 


Overheating is not something you can ignore. It gets annoying when you hear loud noises coming from the internal fans that cannot keep up with the hardware that demands to be cooled off.

The overheating issue calls for attention, and you should take action. The most likely cause is the dust that accumulated inside. You have to clean it regularly, about once every couple of months.

In case the issue persists, you still have the option to get a cooling pad, which is an accessory meant to lower a laptop’s temperature.

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